Grey's Anatomy: 8×05 – Love, Loss and Legacy

Favourite episode of Grey’s Anatomy so far this season!

You remember what I said last week about Jackson Avery?  Well, his mother – now there’s a character who is interesting.  Can we bring her on as a recurring character?!  I liked her interaction with all the characters, especially when she found out about Meredith and told Jackson that he had chosen the wrong Grey.  Lol.

Oooh Lexie looks ridiculously pretty with her hair like that!   Definitely the character who has changed her hair the most on the series!

THE WHOLE ZOLA ARC.  Guys, I can’t even!  I never thought I would be that invested in the Derek/Meredith/Zola thing because there’s already far too many storylines concerning babies on this show but CRISTINA/ZOLA.  BEST THING EVER!!  That scene where Cristina is telling Zola all about her parents and how awesome they are and Owen’s watching her and is all ~cute/heartbreak~.  And then the way that Cristina tells Meredith she’s going to stay with Zola all night because she knows that’s what Meredith needs her to do.  Character who has really stepped up to the plate this season: Cristina.  She is at her awesomest this season.

And Derek/Meredith singing to Zola over the phone!

Bailey / Ben / Nurse thing – I can’t say that I was ever particularly bothered about this triangle but I am quite surprised how it all turned out.

Arizona telling Callie that she wants a piece of paper saying that she is Sofia’s mother

And now let’s talk about how Henry was in this episode and yet didn’t even have a moment with Teddy!  EPIC FAIL SHOW!  BUT they moved in together and had a housewarming party!  Yay!  I liked the Henry/Bailey/Nurse scene.  Hee.  And the scene where Teddy asks Bailey if Ben’s butt would be joining them.  LOL.

This episode wasn’t one of those Grey’s episodes that blows you away with ~emotions~ and ~epicness~ but it had so many small moments that made me happy.

Last thing: Owen/Teddy – why the hell don’t they share more scenes together.  I think the last time that they had a scene/friendship moment was a year ago when Teddy married Henry.  C’mon Shonda!  There’s a dynamic there that we need to see more of.  Sure she used to be in love with him and then there was that period of awkwardness but now they’re both married and happy with other people, can we please remember that they used to be best friends and they fought in a war together.  I really really wanted a scene where Owen talks to Teddy about the whole Cristina/baby/marriage situation at the end of last season/beginning of this one and although it worked better with Meredith putting Owen in his place, I just want one good Owen/Teddy scene show and I DO NOT want to have to wait until something absolutely tragic happens like Henry dying/leaving (and if/when that situation ever arises, I think we’d get a good Teddy/Arizona scene there rather than Owen/Teddy).


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