Nikita: 2×04 – Partners

First up it was definitely an interesting idea to revisit the case during which Nikita faked her death and made her escape from Division. OF COURSE someone had to get captured/hurt in the process and of course Nikita feels guilty and responsible. Will Nikita ever not feel the need to save the world? Go-Go is working with Zetrov’s evil people? TWIST. Is everything entwined with everything else in this show?! On reflection though Russian spies/assassins working with one of Russia’s biggest companies isn’t that shocking. It just didn’t occur to me.

I liked the whole Kelly backstory. Interesting character. It made me sad that she was working for Go-Go and it was all a setup to betray Nikita but it was a clever twist because I really thought that she was another innocent person that Nikita was going to save. I should have learnt my lesson with that episode at the end of last season with that ex-Division agent that Nikita/Michael wanted to save and the twist with that.

The whole train scenes were epic. That fight! Woah! How much rehearsal do you think that took?! So amazing! Oh the whole Nikita / Kelly / Alex thing – it’s all so complicated! Nikita wants to save Kelly, Alex has been sent to kill Kelly/Nikita, Kelly wants to kidnap Alex, Nikita wants to save Alex, Michael wants to save Nikita, Nikita kills Kelly to save Alex, Alex looks at Nikita/Michael wistfully.

That Nikita/Alex scene though – I needed a scene like that, it was perfect. First, Alex looking at the tender Nikita/Michael moment <3. Nikita saving Alex’s life again, the Go-Go/Zetrov thing is revealed, Nikita asking her to come with her and Michael and that they would protect her and Alex saying she has to go back to Division but it was done in a “they really are the best option to keep me alive” not in a “I’m doing it to spite you Nikita” way. I also liked how Nikita took what Kelly said to her onboard and apologised to Alex for not telling her the truth from the start. Alex needed to hear that. And then she helped them get away. Progress! Michael comforting Nikita. Adorable scene. I love how he appreciates how much Alex means to her and I liked that he told her that Alex is coming around and will hopefully one day join them <3.

As much as Michael/Nikita are OTP and always will be, the Nikita/Alex is the real core relationship of the show. If when the final episode of this show comes, Nikita/Alex aren’t hugging it out and being all bffy and adorable I will be heartbroken for a long long time. Whatever happens in between, they have surely got to be as endgame as Nikita/Michael are.


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