Nikita: 2×05 – Looking Glass

Okay so I follow one of the writers on Twitter and he sort of spoiled me by justifying the Max storyline in a few consecutive tweets since fans were up in arms. Although he didn’t say who Max was, I had a pretty good guess so I went into the show knowing preparing myself for the worst.

This was only made worse by the fact that from the beginning when both Michael/Nikita meet Max the first thing that pops into their heads is whether he could be Michael’s son but oh no, Cassandra kept stating that Max couldn’t be Michael’s son because of his age (so you know I was just waiting for it to be revealed that Cassandra lied). The sad thing is that I actually liked Cassandra and I quite liked her relationship with Michael in that they obviously have a connection but no real UST any more.

Then we got to the last five minutes (the last 5 minutes! I made it through the whole episode on the edge of my seat and I usually like it when we get near the end of an episode because I forget what show I’m watching and clearly think that the last 5 minutes has to be plain sailing) and there was that nice Cassandra/Michael scene where she basically thanks him as a friend and knows about Michael/Nikita and it’s clear that she’s not in love with Michael or trying to come between them or anything and I was starting to relax, thinking that it just the writers’ sick twisted way of giving the fans a heart attack by throwing the whole Max thing out and then came that Nikita/Cassandra moment …… But what is even worse than the fact Michael has a son is the fact that Nikita is now in a position where she has to lie to him and keep it from him.

STOP WITH THE BLOODY GAMECHANGERS SHOW. I can’t take the need to shake things up every two episodes. Can’t we cut down these moments to like five a season max or something.

I mean god what would you do if you were Nikita! You have to keep the secret to yourself because Cassandra is right – if Michael knew the truth, he would do anything to be near his son which would ruin everything, not to mention the fact two lots of enemies will be out to kill Max in order to get to Michael. And yet after all they’ve been through how can she keep this from Michael, especially after she learnt her lesson with Alex when she kept things from her trying to protect her and it all worked out horribly?! Annoyingly, the episode as a whole was rather good even with constant fear that they were going to play the Michael/son card. Alex/Sean is growing on me and I like the fact that although Sean works for Oversight, he does seem like a good guy.

Amanda was at her evillest in this episode, killing off that poor agent. I’m sad that Alex/Sean didn’t find out the truth about that.

Birkoff was again hilarious! He had some great one liners.

I kind of felt that maybe they made the connection to Michael’s dead wife/daughter a bit TOO obvious with the whole car bomb thing? Yeah, we get it, Michael feels guilty and responsible.

Back to Michael/Nikita I suppose what we’re going to have now is a few episodes where Michael’s all ready to get back to normal but noticing that something is quite clearly wrong with Nikita. The question is will they have Nikita reveal the truth of her own accord or in the latter half of the season will we see bad guys finding out about Max, Nikita having to tell Michael the truth so they can save him etc. etc. etc.


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