Hawaii Five-0: 2×05 – Ma'ema'e

Best episode this season so far. Starting right from the start with the interesting opening with the volleyball coach.

The first episode where we met Lori, I didn’t really warm to her but she’s growing on me. Now that Kono’s coming back to 5-O does that mean she will be leaving soon? I kind of want to stay as I always thought that have the core team of just 4 people was 1 too few.

I knew that Kono was working for IA and it was an undercover operation. I know that they made it vaguely obvious with the IA guy in her apartment scene a couple episodes ago but what gave it away was in TV writing terms just have her acting emo and bratty towards Chin would have been really really annoying to watch if you didn’t know she was trying to protect her cover.

Love that she actually played a big part in this episode. The scene where she was driving the getaway car with the dead body and Danny was chasing her was pretty intense ditto Steve being crazy mad at her. What Chin said to her in the interrogation room about how he would always be there for her no matter what

It really freaks me out how much William Baldwin looks and sounds like his brother. I mean I just see him as Jack Donaghy and seeing Jack Donaghy as a dirty cop / flirting with Lauren Graham on Parenthood is just wrong.

Hee the slow motion team walk at the end.

It still bugs me that they don’t know CIA girl is (possibly) dirty.  Also, I am still waiting for a Gracie / intensely awkward Rachel/Danny scene.


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