Grey's Anatomy: 8×07 – Put Me In, Coach

Alex is my hero this season. He is being all the things I knew he was deep down but we only got to see in flashes before. In another world Alex/Meredith would be so awesome together but in this world I love their friendship a crazy amount.

And the opening of this episode was totally a throw-back to episode 2×03. I got all kinds of excited at that.

First, ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love how he has gone above and beyond to right the wrong he did at the end of last season and how he’s doing everything to get Zola back from Derek/Meredith and it was even sweeter that Derek/Meredith don’t even know that it was thanks to him that their case is progressing.

Henry/Teddy ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. TEDDY WHY SO ADORABLE?!?!?!  Her bad softball skills was ❤ ❤ <3.  And Henry trying to be supportive and yet trying to get her off the pitch.  And just Henry and his jokes about dying generally and how they are SO IN LOVE.

Teddy/Cristina!  Yay!  Cristina can finally appreciate that Teddy is right and now gets to reap the rewards.  Good on both Cristina and Teddy that they’ve got to this stage.

Bailey/Meredith ❤ ❤ <3. I loved the fact that Meredith is so invested in this diabetes trial and that Bailey needs her help although she will never admit it and then the Chief shouting at them and basically telling Bailey to get over it.


Owen’s team speech and everyone sitting around drinking at the end!  Alex passing the flask to the Chief (Webber, not Hunt obviously.  Whenever I refer to the Chief, I am talking about Webber)!!!!

What else? The Arizona/Callie kiss on the softball pitch <3. Can Arizona wear that cute baseball cap + pigtails in every episode because she’s so cute.

Lexie/Jackson/Mark – I’ve never been invested in this triangle either way.

And then there’s April. I didn’t want to say it before now but she can join Jackson in the “characters I just don’t care about but don’t actively dislike”. I mean her awkwardness and shrillness is meant to be endearing and I guess it is on one level, like if she were a guest-star or recurring character but as a main character I just can’t get to the stage of investing in her (which doesn’t bode well if this really is Meredith/Derek/Cristina/Alex’s last season).

Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Teddy though? They are all fighting it out to be my favourite this season.  I don’t want to jinx it or anything but 6 episodes in and this season is shaping up to be AWESOME (which is when things usually get shaken up and start going downhill ….).


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