Chuck: 5×04 – Chuck Versus The Business Trip

My favourite episode of Chuck so far this season! You always know it’s too easy when they catch the bad guy and there’s still half an episode to go. That’s how I knew that the bartender was just a red herring. I love it when Buy More / spy life gets mixed up. The whole […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×09 – Dark Was The Night

So I was listening to Snow Patrol’s new album before I went to watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy (in bed, under layers of duvets and blankets like that would somehow alleviate the trauma), and there’s this track on the album called “This Isn’t Everything You Are”. Well, there’s this verse and chorus in the song […]

Pan Am: 1×07 – Truth Or Dare

Pan Am … THIS SHOW! How amazing was this episode?!?! I mean I don’t even know where to start! The Dean/Colette and just generally her adorable expressions in this episode (and the fact that Dean let her fly the pane says so much about just how “fond” of her he is. Also Karine discovered on […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×08 – Heart-Shaped Box

I know I say this every week but man I love Grey’s Anatomy this season! Derek/Meredith being happy and positive about Zola! The whole heart-in-a-box storyline with Cristina. The funny scenes with the Chief/Cristina and Chief/Avery. GEORGE’S MUM! I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I heard they were bringing her back. […]

Covert Affairs: 2×11 – The Wake Up Bomb

Good episode! I’m glad this show is back after its surprisingly good first half of the season. And this episode had everything: foot chase, Annie being hurt (twice!), bomb explosion, Annie being kidnapped, car chase, hot love interest ….. I liked that chef guy! I liked him enough to think that maybe they were creating […]

The Mentalist: 4×07 – Blinking Red Light

If Jane set up Panser to be killed by Red John, why didn’t he follow Panser and then when RJ came to kill him, they could catch RJ (or rather attempt to catch RJ). Now I know that RJ is cleverer than Jane so it’s true that he probably would have realised that Panser was […]

Castle: 4×07 – Cops & Robbers

Castle and I have an odd relationship. I watch for the “big” episodes and watch everything in between simply because my OCD self can’t stand to just watch odd episodes of a show here and there. This was a big episode and therefore I loved it because Castle really knows how to do big episodes […]