Castle: 4×07 – Cops & Robbers

Castle and I have an odd relationship. I watch for the “big” episodes and watch everything in between simply because my OCD self can’t stand to just watch odd episodes of a show here and there.

This was a big episode and therefore I loved it because Castle really knows how to do big episodes well.

Where to start? I think with the fact that I love focusing on the fact that Beckett is in love with Castle. For a long time it’s been Castle and his feelings for Beckett and I can’t really care about Castle much beyond the fact that he is the guy Beckett loves and the guy that Martha and Alexis call family. But Beckett’s worry for him in this episode! All the worried looks and the hand squeeze! And when the bomb went off! And the reunion moment! Well played show! I did sort of suspect epileptic guy as being a bit dodgy but I thought that was a misdirect and that he really was a sick guy brought in for plot purposes just to let Beckett inside.

Am still shocked that all the mercenaries were killed. Great episode writing in terms of it not being a straightforward robbery, explaining the importance of the deposit box, wrapping up the ex-wife and son storyline without the gang actually being there in person (that really seldom happens on shows. Usually we’re expected to believe that they can fly across town and still be there to save the day just in time).


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