The Mentalist: 4×07 – Blinking Red Light

If Jane set up Panser to be killed by Red John, why didn’t he follow Panser and then when RJ came to kill him, they could catch RJ (or rather attempt to catch RJ).

Now I know that RJ is cleverer than Jane so it’s true that he probably would have realised that Panser was under surveillance and wait to strike but I thought that Jane/Lisbon would have at least attempted something because for me that screams a wasted opportunity both in terms of catching RJ and just good TV writing.

If Jane is clever enough to see that justice is served on an evil serial killer who would otherwise have gotten away with murder and to pit him against RJ, then he is good enough to use him as bait. They know RJ’s one weakness (he can’t stand people slating his reputation) and they so should have used that opportunity to set a trap (like I said, even though RJ is probably too smart for that, the fact they didn’t even try …..) and I always thought that they would eventually start going down the “bait” route to try and get RJ (which they now can’t do without being in danger of reusing a storyline). And Jane is so sure of himself and was so sure of the fact that Red John was still out there that he didn’t need to waste this opportunity just to prove that RJ is still alive, he could have used it to attempt to corner him as well.

Also, Lisbon will have been watching the interview so she must know what Jane did (i.e. give Panser enough rope to hang himself with) but is she going to be annoyed and disgusted by what Jane’s done? No. Should she be? Yes. Obviously Panser deserved to be punished but she is meant to play by the rules and accept that sometimes the criminal justice system doesn’t work properly. She should be abhorred at what Jane’s done. Especially since that now makes 2 bad guys that he’s killed (either directly or indirectly) and she can’t be okay with him going around doing things like that. And this is why I can’t be okay with Jane/Lisbon with the way things are. We always knew what Jane was like: he was arrogant, self-centred, out for revenge, but somehow I didn’t think we would get to the stage where he does things (twice in a short space of time) which ends up in people being dead and not suffer the consequences. This is House territory and you know how I felt about House as a character.


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