Covert Affairs: 2×11 – The Wake Up Bomb

Good episode! I’m glad this show is back after its surprisingly good first half of the season. And this episode had everything: foot chase, Annie being hurt (twice!), bomb explosion, Annie being kidnapped, car chase, hot love interest …..

I liked that chef guy! I liked him enough to think that maybe they were creating him as a long-term (i.e. a few episodes long) love interest for Annie until they brought up his ETA past and I realised he was going to be case-related.

Auggie/Annie are as adorable as ever in their scenes. Whilst I’m happy with nothing actually happening for awhile, I do wish the writers would progress their relationship a bit. Maybe show them being a bit jealous when other guys/girls are brought into the picture? I can’t believe that even Auggie isn’t allowed to know where Annie’s safehouse is!

The whole Danielle situation. I totally understand where Danielle is coming from, not only does she feel betrayed and lied to but she has to protect her children (especially now her husband isn’t in the picture. Or is he? Whatever happened with that?!) but I do feel sorry for Annie. And now their relationship is so angsty and yet so interesting! Loved that scene at the end between them

Oh Jai – I really do not care about you or your storylines. I don’t have anything against him but I do feel his scenes are a valuable waste of screentime. I spent the whole episode trying to recall what his story arc even is and whose side he is actually on and who he is protecting and then we get to the end and it turns out that he is a hypocritical selfish bastard who was just doing it all to get a promotion. Can we get rid of him already?


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