Pan Am: 1×07 – Truth Or Dare

Pan Am … THIS SHOW! How amazing was this episode?!?! I mean I don’t even know where to start! The Dean/Colette and just generally her adorable expressions in this episode (and the fact that Dean let her fly the pane says so much about just how “fond” of her he is. Also Karine discovered on set that she can actually tie the cherry stem with her tongue so that bit was real! LOL); Joe/Laura – can anyone remember the last time there was such a jaw-droppingly sweet, beautiful one-episode romance on TV (Gaius Charles I LOVE YOU!) or Niko/Kate who I didn’t even think I cared about until this episode totally won me over in a cruel bittersweet way.

Karine Vanasse confirmed on Twitter that there is more “Dean/Colette romance” to come. HELL YES. No idea what that means – that could mean that they actually share a scene and have a “moment” or there could be actual romance before the end of the season. I think they were filming episode 9 or 10 when she said that. If this show is only going to last a half season then obviously I want something concrete to happen between them but if this show miraculously gets a full season and even more miraculously gets renewed (TRY CHANGING THE TIME SLOT ABC!), then I want them to drag it out a bit (obviously).

I know that this episode was Maggie-lite but when she does have lines, they are hilarious

Okay, the truth-or-dare scene with the girls on the plane getting drunk (and why are their stockings strewn everywhere?!) was hilarious! Laura noticing that Dean does seem awfully fond of Colette

Dean and Ted walking in on them! Ted asking Colette what’s wrong with her mouth. The way they all scramble to find their clothes.

The sailors! The sailor dressed up in Pan Am uniform!

Joe & Laura

I think I like him as Joe more than I liked him as Smash! Wasn’t he just SO ADORABLE?!?!

The Joe/Laura was really sweet. Interesting exploration of race tensions as well (especially that small bit after his speech to the guy getting married and how they’re clearly all buddies and yet he won’t get to go to the wedding because it’s in a country club and he’s black). I love the way that Laura liked him from the beginning but then got conscious about what other people would think about her liking a black guy and then all the way to how she held his hand in the middle of Grand Central station and then he got beat up and then she admitted to him that she had been afraid and then that wonderful scene in Kate’s apartment

“Have you ever been on a submarine? There’s a lot of grey. Grey pumps, grey engines, grey gauges, gray steel. Big grey ocean trying to crush you like a tin can. So you can imagine what’s it’s like to come up from all of that grey and see…. you.”

“You’re the guy. Next time I have to close my eyes to feel safe, I’m going to pretend I’m right here.”

I just loved their whole story arc so much. The way he talked about his “momma” on the plane. The glass hummingbird. The fact that he hid it in her bag and the look on her face when they found it! GAH!

In terms of longterm story arc then yes the Ted/Laura is interesting and cute but how can anything beat Joe/Laura now?

Niko & Kate

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I even cared and then this episode happened. Kate was just wonderfully tragic! That scene in the interrogation room. Gah.

“Both, I’m both. But I’m also yours.”

And then the bittersweet resolution at the end, at the airport!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOW DOES THINGS TO ME!

Sidenote: That Kate/Laura scene on the plane where they talk about Niko was really sweet “Love trumps everything”.

Dean & Colette



I don’t know what I love more – the fact that Colette felt compelled to test Laura’s theory by seeing just how fond Dean was of her or just the look on her face when SHE FLIES THE PLANE! But, seriously, the way she looked at him when she asked to fly the plane

I am pretty sure that Colette is the only girl who Dean would let drive his car or FLY THE PLANE!

“This would make me very happy.”

Also, she said “Roger that Captain”

And the moment later on when Maggie says “Pilot and their secrets” and Dean just looks at Colette and Colette is grinning



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