Chuck: 5×04 – Chuck Versus The Business Trip

My favourite episode of Chuck so far this season!

You always know it’s too easy when they catch the bad guy and there’s still half an episode to go. That’s how I knew that the bartender was just a red herring.

I love it when Buy More / spy life gets mixed up. The whole Buy More convention

I love the fact that they’ve made Jeff normal. It’s hilarious.

Awesome’s baby yoga class!!!! Bless! Awesome gave up his paternity leave so that Ellie could spend more time with Clara! That is adorable! They are the perfect married couple.

General Beckman!!!!!

Morgan/Star Wars marathon. I suppose the Star Wars jokes would be funnier if I have ever seen a single film but I laughed anyway because I knew I was supposed to.

Awwh Morgan/Alex. I’d forgotten how much I loved the Morgan/Alex/Casey dynamic of the show. I see she’s playing the Ellie-card with the “you told me you were out of the spy life! You lied to me” but I can’t blame her. I have hope that they will end up together again before the end of the season.

CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is copying Nikita in that they spend the episode solving the crisis leading on from the previous episode and then just when you get the near the end and there’s a cute, happy group moment the next bombshell and cliffhanger is dropped.

WTF?! The only thing I can think that it’s all part of Casey and Sarah’s plan that Casey gets arrested to get him closer to Decker but given the look on Sarah’s face, I don’t hold out too much hope! Casey <3.

Do you think Chuck will get the intersect back at some point this series? Do you think the series will end with him with it?


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