Covert Affairs: 2×16 – Letter Never Sent

PROGRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! I have been waiting for this all season – the one moment where we finally see that one of them likes the other one more than just a friend because as much as I have always shipped them, there hasn’t been any real definite more-than-friends indication on the show itself.  And now finally thanks to Danielle, Annie finally realises how much Auggie means to her ………. And then epic heartbreak in the last scene when he tells her that he’s going to Africa to tell Parker that he loves her!  And the most tragic thing being that because he’s blind, he can’t even see the look on Annie’s face. Oh show, I am so looking forward to Season 3 now!

And MUSIC! THEY PLAYED FLORENCE + THE MACHINE!!!  I loved the way they kept repeating the first few bars throughout the show and then finally at the end, it broke into the whole song.

I loved that we got an Annie/Danielle-centric episode. Even better that it had a hot Swedish guy in it. It definitely made up for the fact that the spy-plot was a bit thin. But who cares about that? This episode actually had Jai doing something, even if he was still an ass, plus AUGGIE/ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!

Annie actually killed someone! Auggie can never regain his sight! There were jokes about phycuses. He gave her his car!  And then that moment at the end …..


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