Criminal Minds: 7×12 – Unknown Subject

Another Criminal Minds episode with an awesome case! Well deserving of the 150 episode spot. I loved the idea of the importance of piano ballads and a nice twist having one of the victims becoming the perp and torture and innocent guy, except, oh wait, is he innocent?! And the two perps angle came out […]

11 Songs that I will always and forever associate with Chuck

  11. Huey Lewis – Do You Believe In Love Watch SceneHee, I can’t watch this with a straight face. Out of all the “slow motion “Sexy Sarah” sequences, I think this is my favourite. 10. Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You Watch Scene Any scene with Matt Bomer in is a […]

Chuck: 5×08 – Chuck Versus The Baby

Remember when Chuck used to do awesome stand alone episodes before it got so involved with the Fulcrum/Ring/Shaw/Decker arcs?!?!  We need more stand alone episodes.  However, I am intrigued as to what the final story arc is and what big bad baddie the show is going to have to take us up to the finale? […]

Chuck: 5×07 – Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Chuck has clearly failed to live up to its potential this season which is a shame since this season was meant to be its AWESOME LAST SEASON. But it did deliver two episodes which need to be talked about: the first because it contained the funniest moment of the season and the second because it […]