Chuck: 5×07 – Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Chuck has clearly failed to live up to its potential this season which is a shame since this season was meant to be its AWESOME
LAST SEASON. But it did deliver two episodes which need to be talked about: the first because it contained the funniest moment of the season and the second because it was amazing with fantastic guest-stars and just general fabulousness.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY BROUGHT SHAW BACK. IS IT BECAUSE HE’S HOT?!  Is it not enough that he was raised from the dead before?!?! I kind of feel that it was a bit anti-climatic having him be behind the Decker conspiracy because we’ve gone over this ground before. However, at least this episode draws a line under the whole “CIA out to get Chuck” thing once and for all.

And because I haven’t blogged about it before: how awesome was Carrie Ann Moss?! I loved her and Casey, loved that she killed Decker for him/Sarah/Chuck. Adorable. I was hoping that Casey would end up back with Alex’s Mum but I don’t think they’re going to play that card as it’s a bit late in the game to squash that into the last few episodes, especially when she’s apparently happy in the relationship she is in. Maybe if there was one more season I would have liked them to be endgame but as it is then I’m going with Casey/Verbanski OTP.

Anyway, back to Shaw ….. the whole thing is so complicated I forget who he is really mad at – Chuck for beating him last time they met or Sarah for killing his wife even though it was years ago, she didn’t know it was his wife and Shaw would also have had to kill someone’s mother/wife/husband/son/brother in order to qualify for the CIA so why can’t he get over this?!?!?!?!?! Oh wait, yes, it’s Sarah he’s really mad at.

Nice move getting rid of Shaw’s Intersect. Does that mean we go into the final half of the season with no Intersect?! Or is Chuck going to get it back?! Do I even want Chuck/anyone to have the Intersect?!?! Worst thing to happen would be for Chuck to get it back in the final scene of the series. I want Chuck/Sarah to live happily ever after whilst still keeping their spy-lives on an ad-hoc basis.

This moment was the best moment of the episode (and quite possibly one of the best Chuck moments ever):

Words cannot describe how much I loved this moment / Beckman generally.

Casey’s message to Alex on the soft toy polar bear ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. Ever since Alex has appeared, I love Casey even more.

ELLIE TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!! LOVE! And I love how it mirrored how Sarah saved Chuck from Shaw last time.

The perfect Christmas!!!!

Casey shipping Alex/Morgan is hilarious. As all Casey/Morgan storylines generally are.

Chuck giving Sarah his mother’s bracelet again ….. mirroring the first time he gave it to her in the Season 2 Christmas episode (one of my favourite moments) – I LOVE THE SYMMETRY! This is why I love this show! It’s the little things …. ❤ ❤ <3.


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