Pan Am: 1×14 – 1964

So this finale, as predicted, was INFINITELY more satisfying than Chuck’s. – DEAN AND COLETTE GOT BACK TOGETHER. – We got loads more of Colette backstory, including about her parents and the fact that she has a brother AND THAT DEAN IS GOING TO HELP HER LOOK FOR HIM. – The Haiti inquisition – nice […]

Pan Am: 1×13 – Romance Languages

This show, although admittedly always cheesy and full of clichés, didn’t used to feel like an episode of EastEnders. The last few episodes? It felt like I watching a British soap. – I knew they were going to bring Bridget back and have her come between Dean and Colette. I was prepared for it. I […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×13 – If/When

This episode was perfect! Things which I loved the most: – Alex/Meredith. Hee I love that in alt-reality they would have been a thing because I love their relationship in normal-verse and they are just about the only 2 male/female characters on the show who have never had a ~thing~. I hated that he cheated […]