Grey's Anatomy: 8×13 – If/When

This episode was perfect! Things which I loved the most:

– Alex/Meredith. Hee I love that in alt-reality they would have been a thing because I love their relationship in normal-verse and they are just about the only 2 male/female characters on the show who have never had a ~thing~. I hated that he cheated on her but liked how it kind of had to happen for the ending to happen.

– The Callie/Arizona moments. It was subtle and sweet and yay. The Callie/Owen on the other hand was really really random! I kind of thought that in an alt-reality they would have Teddy/Owen be a thing – unless of course the whole Cristina/Owen/Teddy hatred angsty mess in real universe is actually leading up to that….

– The whole Derek/Addison/Mark. I was under the impression that Mark wasn’t going to be in this episode at all so it was nice how they tied that in with reality.

– The Avery/Lexie/Mark.

– Bailey!!!! And Bailey/Alex.

– The whole Ellis/Webber/Meredith angle.

– The nods to the importance of elevator scenes

– Reference to Burke/Cristina and Teddy being a man!

– McDreary!

– The fact that they played Season 1 music and ‘Into The Fire’ by Thirteen Senses

THE END! How it went full circle and tied in with normal universe. That was the cleverest thing, I think, because I didn’t expect they would come up with a solution like that.


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