Pan Am: 1×13 – Romance Languages

This show, although admittedly always cheesy and full of clichés, didn’t used to feel like an episode of EastEnders. The last few episodes? It felt like I watching a British soap.

– I knew they were going to bring Bridget back and have her come between Dean and Colette. I was prepared for it. I still hated that it happened. I have no sympathy for Bridget whatsoever – TEAM COLETTE. Dean loses major points but regains a few in that he acknowledges that it was a mistake and even after Colette finds out the truth and decides to hate him, he doesn’t go running back to Bridget.

– Colette / the foreign prince. Pretty sure this is stolen from a plot of a fairytale romcom. Oh yeah, The Prince & Me. Plot gains points for a jealous and over-protective Dean.

– Ted/Amanda – hahahahahahaha … oh dear, make it stop. She kissed Maggie. Of course she did, this is an ABC show.

– Kate and the spy stuff …. Blah to the premise but am mildly interested in the Richard/Kate angle.

– Maggie / the senator – I really couldn’t care less.

– Laura exists and is okay.

And then let’s talk about the episode which aired this week, the episode which was aired out of order and should have been between 1×07 and 1×08.

Now I know why ABC cut this episode out: a) it was ridiculous, b) it wasn’t really needed to advance much of the plot apart from the Laura/photos and c) the few episodes which came after this were SO MUCH BETTER.

– Laura/photos – blah didn’t really need more elaboration on this even if later episodes make more sense now but it did make for a sweet Laura/Kate sister moment in Rome.

– Ginny – oh GOD. Smashing her head against the window? Ridiculous. It is hard to say who I dislike more Bridget or Ginny (as a person then Ginny but as a threat to Dean/Colette then I guess Bridget because after this episode Ginny would never be a threat again because she is batshit crazy). However, this storyline gains some points for the Dean/Colette moments, Ginny thinking that they were together, that Colette/Maggie moment at the end.

– Charlie …… he was cute and charming and gets points for thinking Dean and Colette are married and loses major points for SHOWING UP IN COLETTE’S BEDROOM WHEN SHE WAS ASLEEP. Dude, you’re twelve years old. This is beyond creepy. Colette handled the situation far better than I would have and, yes, their story arc was a bit sweet. But also creepy. Mostly creepy. Colette rocks generally but especially in this episode.

Now THIS looks like it’s going to be an awesome episode.

– Hope for Dean/Colette again? I mean normally I wouldn’t want her to forgive him so easily but a) this will probably be the last episode ever so I want them to get their happily ever after and b) he did show an appropriate amount of regret. I don’t want it to be one of those things where he tells her he just wants her to be happy and if she is happy with the Prince then they will just be friends. That resolution would be acceptable if we were guaranteed another season. As it is I WANT THEM TO GET BACK TOGETHER.

– Ted/Laura – glad that they will give us progression on this front before the series ends.

– Dean on trial for what happened in Haiti.

– Richard getting shot might be mildly exciting.

– Curious about who the double agent is. Don’t tell me this show is finally getting me invested in the spy arc just as it comes to an end.

Bad things:

– Amanda saying she is pregnant and therefore coming between Ted/Laura. NOT COOL. See comment above about EastEnders.

I am still really looking forward to the finale. I still want it to get renewed, not hopeful that it will be, glad that I discovered this show, not really disappointed that we didn’t get a full season (although if we did then maybe the craziness would have been spread out rather than crammed together) and I WANT DEAN/COLETTE TO END UP BACK TOGETHER. That really is the only thing I’m invested in.


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