Pan Am: 1×14 – 1964

So this finale, as predicted, was INFINITELY more satisfying than Chuck’s.


– We got loads more of Colette backstory, including about her parents and the fact that she has a brother AND THAT DEAN IS GOING TO HELP HER LOOK FOR HIM.

– The Haiti inquisition – nice follow-up. Double points for Maggie making up for the fact she grassed Dean up with the whole Ginny thing.

– Nice Richard/Kate moment and the fact that she has the offer to become a proper CIA agent.

– Ted/Laura finally confronting their feelings.

Things I didn’t like:

– WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MAGGIE’S CHARACTER?!?! That was possibly the worst wrapped up storyline. Are we meant to believe that she crossed over to the dark side because of what happened to Kennedy? I think that’s what we’re meant to believe but still, I do not like.

– AMANDA BEING PREGNANT. Totally don’t believe this. If there were to be another season than I think they would end the storyline by showing it was all a ploy to get Ted back.

Just a random thought – I think they should have used the “flashback” method more in the latter half of the season. It was kind of the show’s “thing” that they used at the beginning to introduce us to the characters and I think they should have continued with that more. Maybe not every episode and not the finale because it worked well in linear but maybe in a couple of previous episodes?

My plan for the hypothetical Season 2 premiere? It picks up 6 months later and we get to see in flashbacks Ted telling Laura about the baby, it being revealed that Amanda was just lying, Dean and Colette looking for her brother, Kate undergoing CIA training at Langley, Maggie getting in too deep with the smuggling. Then in real time we’ll see them all on the plane together on Dean’s first flight. Maggie’s back on the straight and narrow, Kate realised the spy life wasn’t for her so took her Pan Am job back (but is still an asset occasionally), Laura and Ted is still unresolved after baby drama and they are awkward but mending, Dean and Colette are in love. The end.


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