Castle: 4×15 – Pandora & 4×16 – Linchpin

How amazing were these episodes?!?!

See, this is a perfect example of my relationship with Castle – I watch for the BIG episodes and sit through the other stuff just because I have to.

Anyway, AWESOME episode …. Apart from maybe the last ten minutes…..

I LOVE Jennifer Beals. Wasn’t particularly a big fan of her in Lie To Me but I loved her as a cop in The Chicago Code and loved her even more as a CIA spy in Castle.

Loved Sophia’s past relationship with Castle and the fact that Beckett was jealous of her etc.

I can’t believe they made her the mole though! That sucked! When you watch these sort of episodes, you’re always looking for the huge twist and I was suspicious of her at first but then she won me over and I was all for Danberg being the mole.

Boo that Sophia was a traitor. I was flailing about how I love the Castle/Beckett/CIA crossover and think I would love the show more if there was this crossover spy element and the secret underground base …. Sigh.

Anyway, I really loved the plot as a whole. Really interesting and had me on tenterhooks. I thought the scene in the car was especially well done because even though in these situations, and you know they are not going to kill off the two main characters, that life/death scene was especially gripping. I felt sorry for Thomas Gage. Poor guy and awesome spy.

Loved Espo being annoyed at not being kept in the loop. Having Alexis intern in this episode of all episodes added another layer. Oooh Castle’s father. Why do main characters always have hidden secrets regarding their parents – it’s getting to be like Chuck and Sarah’s set of parents in Chuck …..

Nice to have a ‘big case’ that isn’t to do with Beckett’s mother because honestly that whole backstory has gone straight over my head and every time we have one of those episodes, I feel like I’m being tested.

PS. Didn’t expect to like the Castle episode before this with the travelling back to 1947 and the whole Blue Butterfly thing but I really really did! Good going show!


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