Train @ Eventim Apollo, London (03 May 2012)


The Train concert was so unbelievably awesome. Seriously, I can’t even describe. There’s something just so cathartic about screaming out song lyrics and jumping up and down and the pain in your legs and feet after standing for 5 hours.

Elle King opened the show. She’s an American folk singer. I’ve never heard of her but it was just her and a guitar plus her killer voice and it was a great way to start the evening.

And then Matt Nathanson came on!  The previous day he had tweeted that he had basically lost his voice and couldn’t perform in Paris but he came on and although he said his voice was pretty fucked, he still sounded absolutely amazing. I love how it was just him and a guitar and another guy and a guitar rather than a full back-up band. He told some rather lewd stories which were quite funny and he played lots of my favourite songs (‘Room @ The End Of The World’, ‘Little Red Corvette’, ‘Faster’, ‘Car Crash’, ‘Suspended’, ‘Run’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Come On Get Higher’ and really got the crowd going.  I never fully realised how many of his songs are about sex until he started telling the stories about that. Also he swears a lot and talks about bodily functions.

His performance of ‘Suspended’ was magical when he got the crowd to sing the ‘sunshine’ bit.  ‘Faster’ – Loved his banter at the beginning about synchronised clapping

Oh God Train. TRAIN. I said last time that they were the best band/artist that I’ve ever seen live and that still stands. They are just so incredible.

They sang all my favourite songs from their new album (‘Drive By’, ‘You Can Finally Meet My Mom’, ’50 Ways To Say Goodbye’, ‘This’ll Be My Year’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘California 37’, ‘Bruises’ etc.’) and my favourites from Save Me San Francisco (‘If It’s Love’, ‘Hey Soul Sister’, ‘Marry Me’, ‘Save Me San Francisco’) and a few songs from their older albums (‘Get To Me’, ‘Calling All Angels’, ‘Meet Virginia’) and a really awesome Led Zeppelin cover.

There are two really complimentary reviews of the gig: Evening Standard and The Mirror. Both mention the antics of the drunken guy. Train always get a couple members of the audience on stage with them to sing and shake a tambourine during a song (this time it was ‘Get To Me’) and this time Pat picked this nice teenage girl and this drunken guy …. Who then proceeded to shake the tambourine against his crotch, even though Pat kept telling him to stop, and made some really lewd gestures to Scott the drummer. It was equal parts disturbing and funny. When the song ended Pat said that that was one of the worst things that had ever happened to him. LOL.

They opened with ’50 Ways to Say Goodbye’ and then went straight into ‘This’ll Be My Year’ which was so incredible I really wish there was a video out there of it. ‘If It’s Love’ was as awesome as it usually is live. I was so excited when they played ‘Mermaid’ and Pat played the saxophone <3. Pat got Elle King back on stage and they dueted on ‘Bruises’ which was wonderful.  ‘You Can Finally Meet My Mom’ was so heartfelt especially when he talked about his Mum didn’t get to hear ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ or meet his wife/kids.  Loved the way they started ‘Save Me San Francisco‘ (it’s really funny but whoever recorded this video must have been standing right near us because you can hear my friend singing at the beginning.  LOL!) and ‘Drive By‘. They played ‘Hey Soul Sister’, ‘Drops of Jupiter’ at the end and ended with ‘Sing Together’.

Such an amazing concert! It was literally perfect and just what I needed. I wish I could go to a concert like this once a fortnight or something.  Nothing can come close to hearing your favourite songs played live and that goosebump moment when the whole crowd sings along in perfect harmony.


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