Castle: 4×23 – Always

Okay so that episode definitely lived up to expectations.


I say it every time but I watch Castle for the big episodes. Castle does the big episodes awesomely.

Where to start? RYAN! RYAN! WTF Esposito? Ryan was the only one who had his head on straight. If it wasn’t for Ryan then Beckett would have died, DIED. Am I the only one who thinks he’s the real hero in all this?!?! But I loved Esposito too. I loved the fact that Esposito and Ryan were both trying to do the right thing by Beckett in their own way. Loved the dynamic between the two guys in this episode.

Gah! I loved the Castle/Beckett moment when he invited her over to watch films and his surprise that she said yes. THE ‘I LOVE YOU’ SCENE IN HER APARTMENT. Perfection. Heartbreaking. GAH. Can’t really put my feelings into words.

Beckett sitting on the swings soaking wet! And of course the scene in Castle’s apartment. Yes she is ridiculously hot when her hair is all wet. Yeah, I noticed. I love that she was the one who initiated it all. I love everything that was said or wasn’t said. I love the way they filmed it. The hand-hold. ‘IN MY VEINS’ PLAYING.

I loved everything in this episode down to the scene between Beckett and the gang thug and the way they filmed Beckett chasing Evil Guy on the rooftop and the panoramic views.

It was one of those episodes where I would be quite content if the series ended right now because nothing that comes after can possibly live up to the “getting together” moment (and you all know my interest tends to quickly wane after a couple has actually got together). But still, excellent writing of the episode as a whole – usually episodes about Beckett’s mother tends to lose me with its complexity but even I managed to get my head around everything that happened in this episode and what it means for the future.


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