Grey's Anatomy: 8×23 – Migration

Holy mother of freaking God – the promo for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. WTF?!?!  I can’t even. If I am calculating this correctly, the only people on that plane who are the “options” are Mark, Lexie and Arizona, right? WTF?!?!  I am actually glad that Teddy isn’t an option otherwise I will be having breathing trouble right now.

Since when they filmed Shonda didn’t know who was staying or going does that mean the finale is going to end on a major cliffhanger?!?!

(Incidentally, ridiculously happy that I know Ellen and Patrick (and the others but I guess I could have lived if the others had decided to leave …..) have signed on for another 2 years before I watched this episode otherwise I would literally be having convulsions right now.)

Anyway, back to this episode ……. I loved the way everything played out.

First, I LOVED having an Arizona-centric storyline. I’ve waited for about a season and a half for her absolute awesomeness to shine through again and here it is. I loved her relationship with her brother’s best friend. It was heartbreaking. And that scene with Callie outside when she tells her never to leave her? I can’t even ….. ❤ ❤ <3.

Derek and Meredith <3. Yay for actually seeing inside the house that he has been building for her.

I have truly loved, even more than normal, the Cristina/Meredith friendship these last few episodes. The way Cristina was there for her when Meredith was sick whilst taking the boards ❤ ❤ <3. And that scene between them when Cristina told her that she wasn’t her person, Owen was ….. although it made me whimper, I was actually okay with it in the end because I think Cristina saying that was best for both of them.

I loved that Teddy/Owen scene when he tells her what he did and why Cristina is leaving.

The Alex/Chief thing was an interesting angle. I thought that Alex was going to be the one to fail his Boards until I remember they had him fail in Season 2 (or was it 1) so that would be too repetitive. Nice to see him come out on top for once. I loved that Cristina hugged him. It just said so much. On the other hand I also loved the scene where Arizona totally lost it and started shouting at him.

I don’t really have any thoughts on April being the one to fail her Boards except that if it had to happen to someone, I am so glad that it’s her and not anyone else (wouldn’t have really cared if it had been Jackson either – as you can see I am all about the old crowd).

Ben’s crossword proposal to Bailey was so sweet. Really liked Bailey in this whole episode actually. I felt so sorry for her at the end.

I really don’t care about Owen/Cristina. That’s pretty much the only relationship that I’m not even a tiny bit interested in. I’ve never been that invested in Mark/Lexie but I am kind of curious as to how that will go, ditto Jackson/April.

And now the wait is on ….. surely next week’s finale cannot top the Season 6 one?

(Also, if they kill Mark or Lexie, I may be able to get over it in good time but NOT ARIZONA OKAY.  NOT ARIZONA.)


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