The Mentalist: 4×24 – The Crimson Hat

I have had huge issues with The Mentalist this season ranging from I can’t believe Jane got released from prison that easily to the fact that he is incredibly irritating, Libson and Jane still haven’t had a huge argument and she seems to just let him get away with anything, not to mention WTF was up with Rigsby and his whole baby storyline etc. etc.

Anyway, I decided awhile ago that I was going to finish off the season and not watch Season 5. I mean last season we had an AWESOME finale but Season 4 failed to live up to expectations so beyond watching the Season 5 premiere and maybe a couple of the “big” episodes, I thought I was done with this show.

Then I watched the finale and I hate hate hate hate hate how this show makes me watch 23 episodes which range from awful to mediocre and then tops it off with an episode like this. LIKE THIS.

Okay so my feelings for Lorelai started off as hating her on principle and the begrudgingly getting intrigued by her and then, yeah, the whole Red John thing. Kudos to the writing and the casting because the way it all went down, you could almost believe that that would be the type of woman Jane would be with if he really was having a mental breakdown.

No surprises that the breakdown was all a ruse to draw Red John out. When will Jane learn that Red John is cleverer than him though?!?! THE SCENE BETWEEN JANE AND LISBON IN THE CHURCH. The fact that she was so worried about him and couldn’t sleep after six months (heck, I know what that feels like). And everything she did for him. And just the whole worrying and the scene where she is walking along in the dark all sad.

Red John wants Jane to kill Lisbon to prove his loyalty to him. Yeah, JANE IS NEVER GOING TO KILL LISBON.


Okay, blatantly that wasn’t Rigsby lying with his head blown off on the floor.


I love that the team still haven’t forgiven Jane and said that they are risking everything for Lisbon, not for him.

The whole Lorelai, limo, Jane thing – I did think that maybe it was Red John in there. I mean I knew we or Jane wouldn’t get to actually see him but I thought he was there so the fact it was Wainwright with a phone strapped to him did come as a bit of a surprise. I thought they were going to do that thing where they open the back of the limo and no one is there because Red John actually snuck off before the car chase.

How long can the show go without actually having Jane and the real Red John meet face to face though? I mean the whole bait and switch ruse is going to get old very soon. Just because they meet and his identity is revealed doesn’t mean he’s immediately going to be captured/killed.

So is Susan Red John’s mole in the FBI? I wouldn’t like to think so but hell with this show you can’t trust anyone.

Except maybe Lisbon. You can trust Lisbon.

THE SCENE WHERE LISBON SITS DOWN NEXT TO JANE AND HE JUST REACHES FOR HER AND HOLDS HER HAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! They should have ended the season on that beautifully filmed shot.

Any bets as to how Red John is going to dispose of Lorelai now? OH ROBIN TUNNEY. YOU MAKE ME FEEL THINGS.


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