4 Reasons to Love Nikita

The Action Scenes – It confounds me how all the actors do their own stunts. I mean seriously have you watched this show?! As well as the gun fights, explosions, there are so many hand-to-hand fights that I can’t comprehend how they all learn their lines, rehearse their scenes and still fit in the martial arts training.

The Plot – I think there are maybe 3 episodes per season which are a bit weak. The rest – I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE. Obviously it requires you to suspend your belief a bit but it is way more realistic than Alias. Continuity is there. They bring in characters from the early days, things link up like they should. And they explore the backstory of every character – just as you think there can’t be any more to reveal, they peel back a layer.

The Cast – Holy crap Maggie Q blows me away in every scene and Lyndsey! It is not fair how talented these two are. And I love how much the cast loves each other and how their dogs have doggie playdates (even when they’re back in LA and not filming in Canada).

The Relationships – IT’S OFFICIAL – I SHIP NIKITA WITH EVERYONE. Seriously though, although there are three core relationships: Michael/Nikita, Nikita/Alex and Sean/Alex, this show is heaven for multi-shippers.  And even the relationship between the good guys and the bad guys (Amanda and Percy) are just so complex.

Nikita/Alex – I dare any other TV show to give me a relationship as amazing as Nikita and Alex’s. Although this season started out on rocky ground for these two, once they came together again, it was magic. The hugs! Oh and there’s this truly awesome scene where Nikita is shipping Alex/Sean and she smooths Alex’s hair back like she’s her younger sister or something and basically telling Alex to go for it and it’s adorable.


Nikita/Michael – I could not ask for any more from them this season. Okay, I would have preferred it not be revealed that Michael has a son but in the end, it brought them closer together. The hugs! The kisses! The shippiness! THE KISS IN THE SUNSET IN THE FINALE. YES, THIS HAPPENED. Alex ships them! Birkoff ships them! Owen begrudgingly ships them! Even Amanda and Percy know they are meant to be!


Nikita/Birkoff – Oh wow! This season, this season has brought us this wonderful dynamic. And he kissed her! He kissed her in front of Michael and Michael’s reaction was awesome.


Nikita/Owen – THESE TWO! I secretly ship them as much as Nikita/Michael. I mean he understands Nikita on a level that Michael might never be able to. They are two broken, screwed up individuals trying to make up for their past sins. And he just got promoted to series regular for Season 3! Bring it on!


Nikita/Ryan – Oh Ryan the good guy! I like their relationship. Next season will find them at odds I am sure but dear show, don’t ever ever make Ryan turn bad. He’s the good guy. He’s the brains.


Sean/Alex – I know they’ve been building up to this all season but I’ve only really fallen in love with them in the last 3 episodes. Michael ships them, Nikita ships them, Birkoff really really ships them! Alex has had really crap luck with men in this show so I’m glad they waited a season until having anything happen between them. I loved Sean being high on pain medication and saying things and Alex being all awkward about it afterwards. And the kiss!!! And Ryan goes to interrupt them and Birkoff stops him by saying “let them have their moment”. BEST THING EVER. And then in the finale when they are fighting for their lives and Sean keeps asking Alex out on a date and she just keeps giving him this look! Brilliant!


Amazing Nikita team cast video: Calls Me Home
Amazing Michael/Nikita + Sean Alex video: Kiss Me Slowly


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