Rewatch: ER Season 1

1.01 – Old school! Jerry! Timmy! Look at Susan’s hair!!! The instrumental music is really ~intense~. Lol. Gosh look at how old that waiting room is! Haha. The doctor’s lounge! The really badly made ID badges. Jennifer and Rachel! It’s been awhile since I thought about them!! I’ve always wondered about the lack of toilets but they have toilet signs in the pilot, opposite the trauma rooms. Carter’s like a baby in this! Awwh Doug/Carol. I remember when I watched this the first time around I kept waiting for her suicide moment. That was kind of what I knew about the Pilot so everything else was kind of ignored. FRANK!!! Look at that fake snow, can anyone say FAKE! I am sorry I will never find the birth of a baby a magical moment, not even if you play nice music over it. How comes they stopped with having a paediatrician on the floor later on? See they have metal detectors already in the waiting room! Wendy! SHIRI APPLEBY!!! “You set the tone” Carol!! Benton and his surgery!

1.03 – It really bugs me when the names don’t match the pictures in the credits. Haha Carter’s German tourists. Carter’s curtain hair! Gloves or no gloves I would definitely wash my hands after doing what Carter was doing. Carter to the rescue! Oh the start of one of Carter’s many ill advised love interests. The old devoted couple mirrors the old devoted couple that Tony/Sam treat in the series finale. The ER cafeteria! We don’t get to see that later on in the series!

1.04 – Benton being woken by the singing woman! Nice! OMG look at that vending machine! Old school! “I met you my first day.” “My last … or so I thought.” I LOVE the way Carol makes fun of what happened to her ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. Doug’s ‘sensitive to Carol’ policy! LOL! I love how many extras there are during the trauma room scenes! Later on even the minor characters get names. Casen/Lewis. Morganstern <3. Rosemary Clooney!

1.05 – OMG that mobile phone! The crazy lady hearing Princess Diana’s voice! The burping lady! Carter and the wheelchair! Carol/the little boy! The mobile phone affecting the equipment! Haha! You can tell how old this is! OMG it’s the guy who plays Meredith’s dad on GA! He looks so young here!! Dr Green Day! Carter <3! Peter’s brother-in-law! God the birth of a baby is ugly. Doug/Carol … awwh.

1.06 – I find it weird that the episode opens with Carol not being remotely mad at Doug considering the ending of the previous episode. Ivan the liquor store owner! Waiting for the heart episode. Doug ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.

1.07 – And a car came crashing into the ER! This really is the most dangerous place to work! And the guy wasn’t really stabbed! Love the blood alcohol pool bets! CHLOE!!! Rachel! Wait, now there is a reference to Doug showing up at Carol’s place? Did I label them wrong or did they air them in the wrong order?! No wait, it can’t be that because of Ivan the liquor store owner’s storyline. I am so confused! Linda!! Wendy/Rachel! Carol punching Doug in the arm! Jerry coming to Susan’s rescue <3. ARTHUR! The dead guy is still there! Not a lot of Carter in this episode. Isn’t Doug’s son one of the biggest mysteries of the show?! I kept excepting him to show up needing a kidney or something. Susan’s cute cat!!!

1.08 – Patrick!!!! Patrick’s knock-knock joke with Carol! Lol! The cop/Lydia!!!! Susan’s birthday surprise!!!! Doug/Carol kiss ❤ ❤ <3!!!! Haleh being made at Peter! Doc McGoos! Chloe!! Doug/Carol … awwh! Carter/Susan on the rooftop! Carter’s adorable in this scene.

1.09 – Doug as Chief Resident! Mookie! Peter’s Mum!!! “I think his people owned our people …. But you’re a nice boy.” BOB!!!!!!!! Love Walt for putting things into perspective for Peter.

1.10 – Oh dear Div’s losing it. Prepare yourself Susan! Bob and the Halloween decorations!!! “Piss off” “That’s ironic coming from a man with no kidneys.” Bob’s Easter decorations!!! Al – Lydia’s policeman!!! Susan/abusive patient. I can’t believe she stuck a sunflower in his bum! Carter and the suicidal she-he. OMG she jumped! I remember the first time I watched that really shocked me. Thanksgiving buffet!!! The turkey man!! Peter making Carter go to thanksgiving dinner with him.

1.11 – Jerry and the snow! Wendy and the rollerskates! Mark and Susan plastercasting Carter’s leg!!! Snowball fight!!!! Stool football! I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Awwh the look on Doug’s face when Carol announces her engagement. Bless. Roxanne the desk temp!!!!! Mass trauma! The look on Mookie’s face! Haleh singing <3. Patrick! Angela Hicks!! The X-Ray guy! Patrick and the little boy! Doug’s girlfriend mucking in! Patrick playing music over the tannoy system! BOB TO THE RESCUE!!!! The look on Lydia and Wendy’s faces is classic! The biker taking Carter’s cast off for him. Carter/Bob! “Do you think there’s one perfect person ………. Because for Doug, it’s you.” The Christmas lights are so pretty!

1.12 – Is ER Season 1 the only series on television to have 2 Christmas episodes per season?! I know 1.11 was sort of a pre-Christmas thing but they were playing Christmas music and had decorations which is more than we get in a lot of shows. Lydia, Mark and Haleh singing ‘It’s my party!’ Mark/Lydia and the mistletoe!! Patrick!!! Patrick and Rosemary Clooney singing!! Oh no poor Susan! Div has disappeared! Awkward Carter/Susan moment! I like them “together”/as friends when she comes back but this moment is just so awkward! And yet …. Is it wrong that I am sort of shipping Carter/Susan this time around? Is it bad that this is probably my favourite Susan ship. Carter’s gift to Susan! Chloe!!! Oh dear she’s pregnant! Doug don’t do this!

1.13 – Poor Carter!!! Susan/Chloe!!! Lydia and her nicotine withdrawal! Why is Carol wearing blue scrubs? Jackie! Shirley!!! Carter in the operating room! LOL! Poor Susan is having the worst day ever!

1.14 – DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwh Carol got stuck by a needle. Again, mention of Doug’s son. Deb electrocuted Carter!!!!!!!!! Peter’s mum! Morganstern’s obsession with that piano showroom!!! Haleh and Deb joking with Carter!!! The sociologist guy!! Everyone at Doc McGoos ❤ ❤ ❤ Awwh poor Susan just watching!

1.15 – Carter upset with Deb for doing his scut work. Lol. I can’t believe the little girl domestically abuses her mother. That’s so horrible. Susan’s mad at Mark <3. Jeanie!!!!! Whatever happened to that kid that Haleh made Peter mentor?? The very dead body. I cannot believe they’re smoking inside a hospital!! Haha Susan didn’t offer Casen her lighter. The guy with the arrow in the back of his head!!! Jacob!!! The start of Doug/Diane, right? Dr Lewis treating Casen!! Haha! Love the karma! The Elvis impersonators!! Doug ❤ ❤ <3.

1.16 – Carter and Mark rolling around in the back of the ambulance …. That sounds wrong ….!!! Clearly Carter you wouldn’t wear a coat like that to work!!! Doug/Carol and the snake!! Carol is so excited about the new crash carts!!! Haleh giving Peter a hard time. I love it when she does that. I can’t believe that little kid was going to shoot that other little kid. Carter’s trauma presentation! Deb’s trauma presentation! The look on Carter’s face!!! Carter and the snake!!!!!! Carol getting the crash carts back ❤ ❤ <3. Doug, Carol, Carter and Lydia all in one toilet stall!!!!! Carol and the weird patient under the sheet!

1.17 – OH! It’s the start of Carol/Russian girl storyline! Al and the dog! Bless <3. Carter giving mouth-to-mouth! Susan and her ‘Anatomy Of A Dog’ book! Al kissing Lydia!!! Carol speaking Russian! Cheerleaders on acid! Dr Casen giving Susan flowers!!! LOL! DEB ON SPEED!!! Wendy’s hand! Bill the dog is so cute!!!! WENDY AND DEB!!!!! LOL! Lydia earwigging on Mark/Susan’s conversation! Jake is sort of cute the way he wanted to set Doug up with his Mum. The old lady and the ironing. Benton/Mum. Mark/Susan ice-skating!

1.18 – Doug ❤ ❤ <3. Carter trying to talk the suicidal man down. Lol. The kid with his face stuck in the stuffed tiger’s mouth!! Peter’s birthday belly dancers!!! LOL! Carol wants to adopt Tatiana. Love the whole Peter’s fake birthday thing. DONNA MOSS! Hehe. Doug going crazy on the man who kicked his daughter out of the window! Jeanie!

1.19 – Fake coma guy! As Susan says “Hell of a way to get a free meal.” The conman! The poor cancer guy without a voice box. “Jagman’s bowel, Benton’s stone”. LMAO! Doug/Carol ❤ ❤ <3. Oh poor Carol! Oh Doug/Carol ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. The fake doctor!!! Peter’s Mum!!

1.20 – Before I started the series, I read a few articles about the show and they always mention this episode so I was quite apprehensive about it as it sounded really tragic and angsty. Doug/Mark playing ball! Peter’s Mum! Bradley Whitford!! “Will you sign a good well card?” “Sure, who’s it for?” “Me.” Poor little old lady! “Everyone is so old and sick around here.” “Yeah, this is a hospital.”. I have to admit that it is a good episode but not one I get much enjoyment from rewatching!

1.21 – The guy on the commode! PCP guy smashing the trauma window! Deb/Carter being all competitive. Dr Swift the moonlighter/new ER chief! Carol in her lice outfit!! Paper explosion! “Disaster” faked by Dr Swift! Carol and the werewolf. Carol/Susan friendship. “Every full moon should be ladies’ night.” Carol asking Susan to be her bridesmaid!! Susan/Carter/Carol dancing to ‘Twist and Shout’.

1.22 – The old ladies and the dog! The paranoid woman! Doug and the bike! Deb doing a chest tube by herself! She ran! I love when Doug is having that convo with Dianne about the bike and then gets the trauma call about a 12 year-old on a bike being hit, you think it might be Jake. Peter’s Mum <3! Chloe!! Deb/Carter! Susan/Chloe!

1.23“I’ve always wondered why there’s a naval base on Lake Michigan. Who’s going to invade? Canada?” Doug’s therapy appointment! Lol. Peter being caring, wow.

1.24“I’m going to play Romeo.” “Comic version?” “No.” “Oh.” Div! OMG that’s Amy Ryan from The Office!!!! Look how young she looks!! Carter and his pony story! Dumb and Dumber!! Doug coaching baseball is adorable. Walter’s Peter’s Barry White impression.

1.25 – Funny opening scene with Susan/Chloe! Carter falling off his chair! OMG look how young Tunie is!!!!!!!!!!! The whole ‘Blackbird’ singing! Carter’s choice between ER and surgery! I feel so sorry for Susan having a family like that. Ethel and Ada the two VERY old ladies. Susan and Carol sunbathing! We needed more Carol/Susan scenes! Crazy gang girls! Peter’s Mum died!! Doug/Mark basketball! I kinda hate that Doug cheats on Diane. He had grown up such a lot! Peter/Jeanie! Susan singing!

1.26 – Poor Carter! Carter’s evaluation of Peter! Carter’s freaking out! Irritable cancer boy. Carol’s wedding! Poor Susan. Poor Carol! Doug/Carol <3. Carol’s wedding reception. Dude that is so the song that Archie and Tony perform in the penultimate episode of the series!!!!!! Wow, echo alert! Carol’s speech. Doug kissing Susan! Dancing! I love the instrumental music at the ending there.

26 episodes! Wow this is a long season!


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