Rewatch: ER Season 2

Okay so when I marathoned the series the first time around, apparently I wasn’t too keen on Season 2 and deleted a lot of the episodes and only kept my favourites.

2.07 – Doug and the kids! Harper the medical student! Jerry’s “hi-tech” computer. LMAO. Modem? WOW. Cannabis lady! LOL! Carol playing computer games! Doug the hero! Mark playing computer games! “Ugh, TV doctors.” Poor little girl! Poor Harper!

2.08 – Look at them crawling back to Doug now he’s a hero! I can’t decide what scrubs I dislike the most. Ouch what Shep say about suicide to Carol. Foot in mouth. Oh god the brother/sister/incest/pregnancy! It’s RON RIFKIN!!!!! The nanny!! Doug’s drunken speech. I quite like Harper actually. Forgot all about her.

2.09 – Carter/Harper! Lol. Kerry! Poor Josh. Doug’s Mum!

2.10 – Carol/Shep and her very cold house! The singing of ‘Carol of the Bells’. Oh I love the Christmas episodes. The way Carol is eyeing that Father Christmas-like guy! Kerry’s African boyfriend! Wow that is some snow! Susan having to look at everyone’s Christmas presents. Carol carol singing! Party at Carol’s! Doug/little Susie CUTEST THING EVER!

2.11 – That girl asking Jeanie to be her mother was adorable. Loretta! Thank you Jeanie for yelling at Peter. Mr Rubidoo! This story arc is so tragic. I forgot about Jeanie/Carol friction. The fat pregnant lady who didn’t know she was pregnant!

2.14 – Carter is so shipping Mark/Susan! Haha! Doug/Carol also shipping Mark/Susan! Lol. Peter’s trying to do the right thing – you’re meant to encourage him Mark! Carter is all emo. You know, I am liking Carter/Susan scenes. Although it was super awkward when he had a crush on her in early Season 1, I like the mini story arc when she comes back and they date/become good friends.

2.21 – Susan ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. MARG HELGENBERGER!!!! “He really wanted me to have his mother’s ring but she’s still alive.”. LOL! Lydia <3. Susan giving Carol the brush off. Iris! The start of Jeanie and the HIV storyline ….. Susan <3.

2.22 – The awesome opening with the singing and grooving to the music. Awwh Peter gave Carter the brush-off. Mark’s deal with Kerry. Naked, singing woman. Carol quits! Carter missed his graduation. Nice Benton/Carter moment there.


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