Rewatch: ER Season 3

3.01 – It’s Hodges from CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doug/Mark! “Are you suggesting you and I date?!” Kerry the admin monster! Carter’s getting a little uppity! Baseball! Awwh, Doug’s really into it! Love that fireworks moment. E-Ray the desk clerk! Mark/Carter/sparklers.

3.02 – The nurses wrestling with the woman on PCP! Mark/Susan’s blind dates. That moment where Mark walks into something and Kerry and Susan stifle laughs, I am pretty sure that wasn’t scripted? Poor Carol’s house. Mark/Susan/Doug and the coke bottles! Party in the ER! Did Morganstern just ask Kerry out on a date? Mark/Susan in the photobooth!

3.03 – Maggie Doyle! Jorja Fox! I love her more in this role than I did in CSI. Carol’s chemistry teacher. Hee Carter! Awkward Mark/Susan-ness. Awkward Carol/Maggie-ness. Carter’s reaction to the medicine. Kangaroo! Nice Jeanie/Kerri moment there. Jerry/Carol/kangaroo!

3.04 – Doug’s one night stand! Oh no Peter’s presentation – Carter doesn’t have the slides. Awkward! The “hot guy” in exam 2. Mark/Doug fight. Line dancing. I actually really like the Kerri/Jeanie dynamic. That’s some tough love that Carol gave Doug there.

3.05 – Halloween. Awwh William – Carol’s lab partner. Charlie! Kirsten Dunst! Maggie Doyle <3. Halay singing <3. Peter and the kids. Lol.

3.06 – Carol and her lab partner! ‘Locomotion’ is playing! Susan and the helicopter. Rhonda the nurse! Poor woman. She got told by Carol. That will teach you Peter.

3.07 – Mark called Carol “Susan”. Awkward. Wendy’s taffy! Eray and his magneticism! Mark thinking that there’s something going on between Susan and Morganstern. Carter, Anspaugh – karaoke!!!!!! Susan is leaving!

3.08 – Lydia/Al are getting married! Wait, I just realised that technically this is the first Carter/Abby ship! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I really love the instrumental music playing over Susan’s last scene in the hospital when everyone is rushing around her. And also when Mark is rushing around town to find her.

3.09 – Mark called a staff meeting. Love the little Doug/Carol moments. It’s been a long time coming. Doug treating old patients. Mark knows about Jeanie. Sad times. Poor Gant. The bat-man and all the children! I love it when Doug and Carol work together. Doug/Carol/William’s night on the town! Lol.

3.10 – I really like the Kerry/Jeanie friendship. Did I mention that already? It makes both characters a lot more likeable. OMG that is a cute dog! Go Jeanie! Surely that is a different dog that Mark has got in the sink? Carol’s costume!!! Awwh nice Jeanie/Maggie moment there.

3.11 – Wow, the ER on a slow night! Poor Carol – she’s got to fire a friend. That’s never good. Carter is going to regret being mean to Dennis. Carol and Doug doing the safety check! Jeanie on the exercise bike! OMG! Doug/Carol <3. Poor Jeanie! Mark/Tunie – no. Dennis ❤ ❤ ❤ :(.

3.12 – Love Carter giving Benton grief over Dennis’ death. The Nurses’ sick-out. Greg/Jeanie – I approve. And, again, with the Jeanie/Kerry friendship. That Peter/Carter moment on the platform. So powerful.

3.13 – Poor Carol at the cemetery. Carol “I killed a man and no one around here seems to give a damn.” ❤ ❤ <3. Mark Vs Kerry and their prospective med students. Doug/the little superman boy. SO ADORABLE. This is where the Benton/Carter relationship is actually interesting. CAROL ❤ ❤ <3.

3.14 – Mark the manwhore – do not like. Doug/crutch + Kerry/crutch – LOL! “Doug that’s not funny.” Jackie giving Peter a talking to! Maggie Vs Carter! Peter has appendicitis! Haha! Look at the mouse on that computer!!!! Carter’s reaction at Peter needing surgery!!!! Haleh’s ordering mistake!! Boxes everywhere! Carter operating on Peter! The photos! The music! Mark juggling his women! OMG Peter’s pregnant hallucinations! How could I forget this?! Maggie/Carter at the shooting range! LOL! Doug/Mark on a date! Greg/Jeanie <3.

3.15 – I know both of those guys playing the robbers…. DUDE, THAT’S MASHBURN FROM ‘THE MENTALIST’!!!!!

3.16 – Everyone looking at Carter’s photos of Peter. Cute Doug/Carol moment there. Greg/Jeanie <3. Maggie/the Down’s girl <3. Doug/Carol ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.

3.17 – The boys playing basketball <3. Nice that Peter let Jeanie draw his blood. He’s finally stopped being a prick about her HIV.

3.18 – Kerry/Jerry. LOL! The woman who ate all the medical instruments. Crazy. Carol/Maggie don’t like each other. No Jeanie, stick with Greg!!

3.19 – Maggie/Carter/bed! Lol! Mark’s cute dog! Doug/Carol ❤ ❤ <3. Jeanie with a mousetrap on her foot!!! Poor Carter. That is so blatantly a doll. The “bum in a bucket” couple! Hee. Maggie trying to help Carter “Well, you sure told him.”. Carter sort of asking Maggie out!!! Jeanie/Jerry/Wendy and the mouse!!!!! Nurses’ night out.

3.20 – Doug/Mark/golf. The story written about the doctors/nurses!!! “No meat, no men. I’m your woman.” LOL Maggie. The brother/sister donors. The Doug/Carol/Anspaugh/golf scene. “OMG Kerry, you wrote it!” Mark/Kerry working together. Love that scene where Carol watches Doug and the kid. “I did not write the damn book.” ANNA DEL AMICO!!!!!!! I am going to make sure I appreciate her this time around! Mark! Jeanie, NO.

3.21 – Hee, I like Anna. And Randi. Maggie and her arsenal. Lol. Have I mentioned how much I like Jorja Fox both in ER and in TWW?! Maggie/Carter/pepper spray! Carol’s birthday and Doug being adorable. Jeanie trying to be a friend to Peter. Doug/Carol singing to the little boy. Carol’s surprise party!

3.22 – Carter doesn’t need a salary! How nice to be in that position. Charlie again! I actually forgot about the whole Anspaugh/Carter not getting along story arc. Kerry/Jeanie. Mark/gun. You know, Doug/Anna – that wouldn’t have been a bad story arc ….. I like Carter during this period. DOUG/CAROL ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. The end.


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