Grey's Anatomy: 9×01 – Going, Going, Gone

I do not like Avery’s hair.

I liked the similarities between this episode and the first season, the fact that Meredith has a nickname, the intern appy which makes you recall George etc.

Also the airport symmetry with one of the last episodes of last season when they are all at the airport going to their interviews.

I like the new interns mainly because of Smash (Friday Night Lights) and Mac (Veronica Mars).  I think I’ll be looking forward to finding out their stories.

I loved the Alex/Meredith moments and the Meredith/Cristina iPad moments.

I really didn’t miss April not having a huge role in this episode but I was wondering whether they were going to address her absence anytime soon and they did and she’ll be coming back.  Not too excited at that.

I have never been a huge Mark fan (he’s definitely grown on me over the years but he’s never been at the top of the fave list) so I wasn’t devastated to hear that they were killing him off (shocked and a bit disturbed by the sheer numbers of cast members leaving, yes) and I thought this was probably as perfect a goodbye as you could get after all I totally agree with what Shonda said that there was no alternative as he would never be able to get over Lexie so no character development and he would never leave Sofia.  They really wrote themselves in the corner with that one because if Shonda wanted to keep Mark on the show, he should never have been on the plane but at the same time she knew she was going to kill Lexie off and wanted to give Mark/Lexie a final moment.

On the downside this episode completely overshadowed Lexie’s death which makes me sad.  I presume they will probably explore that with Meredith / Meredith’s Dad at some point in the near future but there needed to be ~more~ of her presence in this episode.

Anyway, the whole focus on Mark meant that I was 75% sure that Arizona wasn’t dead even though they made it like she was.  Also, no way would Callie have been as in control as she was if both Mark and Arizona were dead/dying.   I rolled my eyes at the amputated leg reveal because that’s so soapish (Shane West in ER?) but I have to admit I prefer that to the alternative of losing one of my favourite characters for good and I suppose there will be interesting character drama stemming from it.

I MISS TEDDY!  I just need to get that out there because it was like she never existed on the show.  I am even sadder that she left now as there could have been so awesome Teddy/Arizona friendship.

I thought I read somewhere that we were going to see what happened in the woods?  I thought this episode was going to flashback from present day to the woods but I guess we’re going to explore that in the next episode.  I think it was typical Shonda to have this episode be a lot tamer than people were expecting and putting all the “oh shit we’re going to die” drama in the next episode.


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