Hawaii Five-0: 3×01 – La O Na Makuahine

I love that Kono’s boyfriend saved her! He is so hot I could just stare at him all day.

Poor Chin.  Rather his wife than Kono though obviously.

We finally meet Steve’s Mum and I think I like her.

WTF was that giant claw thing hanging from a helicopter that picked up the prison van?? Most OTT rescue op ever on a procedural crime drama! I could believe it if it happened on Nikita but seriously, SERIOUSLY?!

I love Michelle Borth/Catherine. So glad she is joining the cast as a regular.  I am definitely getting aboard the Steve/Catherine ship in a hardcore way now.  Loved the scenes with her and Steve’s Mum.

That is a ridiculous gunfight. RIDICULOUS!

How the hell did Wo Fat escape? Surely Steve’s Mum must have let him go? Is she hiding something? I knew it! Even before Danny told Steve about the ballistic report. Don’t tell me Wo Fat is actually her son or some twisted nonsense?!

Adam/Kono ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3.  This show has gone from having ZERO ships to giving me two in a very short space of time!  Please don’t kill Adam off, thanks.


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