CSI:NY: 9×08 – Late Admissions

LINDSAY IN MONTANA????? WHAT AWESOMENESS IS THIS?!?!?!?!?! Flashbacks!!! I loved them all! Seeing Lindsay as a teenager with her 3 friends ❤ <3. I love the fact that they came back to this whole storyline after six seasons. Nice consistency and realistic that it would probably have taken that amount of time (if not more!) […]

CSI:NY: 9×07 – Clue: SI

Another great episode! Poor Lindsay! I loved the whole idea of lab pranks and I loved her reaction to the whole thing and everyone’s reaction to her wearing the sunglasses. Great consistency when she was using EDNA (again, someone tell me how this damn thing works?! No way does it have a sample of every […]

Criminal Minds: 8×08 – The Wheels on the Bus…

This episode was amazing! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Definitely the best episode we’ve had in awhile, and it was especially surprising because the focus of the episode was on the hostages and the hostage takers, more than on the BAU team. They absolutely nailed the casting with the kids by making […]

Parenthood: 4×08 – One More Weekend With You

I generally think this show portrays real human situations perfectly with a lot of reality and a lot of heart. It rarely gives me anything to complain about. In this episode, for instance, we had the perfect Ryan/Amber (and the moment in the ocean!), Julia/Joel learning to balance their time between two children and Kristina […]

CSI:NY: 9×04 – Unspoken

Just go right on and surprise me, show!  This was one of the best episodes we’ve had in 4 (?!) seasons without a doubt. An epic 30 minutes of the show with no dialogue, just Green Day songs playing. The no dialogue really really worked. Lindsay being hospitalised! Seeing Lucy that grown up freaks me […]