CSI:NY: 9×04 – Unspoken

Just go right on and surprise me, show!  This was one of the best episodes we’ve had in 4 (?!) seasons without a doubt.

An epic 30 minutes of the show with no dialogue, just Green Day songs playing. The no dialogue really really worked.

Lindsay being hospitalised!

Seeing Lucy that grown up freaks me out because I can’t believe we’re in Season 9. My fandom head is still in about Season 6 or something.

That poor innocent kid/Flack trying to save her ❤ ❤ <3.

The various flashbacks.

The tension with the killer in Lindsay’s hospital room.

Aaaand the senator guy played by Neal McDonough starred with Anna Belknap in Medical Investigation. FANDOMS COLLIDE! Shame they didn’t share a scene.

Danny called Lindsay “Montana!”

Kid/Flack hug!

Wow, this episode held my attention all the way through. I’ve always said that the most powerful CSI:NY episodes are the ones where a part of you feels a bit sorry for the perp and in this case I did feel sorry for him. Obviously trying to kill the woman at a public event was completely the wrong call but he wins points for actually caring about children, being a good teacher and changing his mind about hurting Lindsay and you could tell he was heartbroken about the innocent girl’s death.


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