CSI:NY: 9×07 – Clue: SI

Another great episode! Poor Lindsay! I loved the whole idea of lab pranks and I loved her reaction to the whole thing and everyone’s reaction to her wearing the sunglasses. Great consistency when she was using EDNA (again, someone tell me how this damn thing works?! No way does it have a sample of every known material in the world. This really bugs me!!!!) and she checked the microscope before she used it.

I love Danny/Lindsay walking through the zoo together and Lindsay demanding to see Danny’s badge, not convinced that he didn’t pull the prank. And the snow leopard!!!!

And Danny showing up with flowers to take Lindsay to dinner because he was the guilty party wanting to prank Adam! Loved that moment between the two of them.

Mac/Christina – loving their relationship more and more. Sweet ending.

Then the case itself was really good. Clever idea using Clue as a basis for planning the murders and the misdirects with the mugger and then the doctor being suspects. Also liked that the nature of the murder took the CSIs to different locations in New York.

Perfect episode alert!!!!!!


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