CSI:NY: 9×08 – Late Admissions


Flashbacks!!! I loved them all! Seeing Lindsay as a teenager with her 3 friends ❤ <3. I love the fact that they came back to this whole storyline after six seasons. Nice consistency and realistic that it would probably have taken that amount of time (if not more!) between the trial and the execution.

Ahhh Lucy is named after one of Lindsay’s friends who died!!!!

I loved that we got to see Lindsay’s father! We hardly ever get to see character’s parents in this show and I love that they explored Lindsay’s relationship with her father.

The scene where Lindsay watches Daniel get executed was so powerful.

And the end where Lindsay comes back to NY and Danny is waiting for her outside their home ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. And the fact that she held onto his back pocket as they walked up the stairs was the cutest thing ever!! This ship is worming its way back into my heart after FIVE freaking years and all because of Lindsay’s Montana storyline. The symbolism! The fact that this was the storyline that made them become canon!

As to the case, it was interesting and solid and a good counterpart to Lindsay’s personal storyline.

This show has made me speechless with its awesomeness this season. Seriously, I am beyond wowed.


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