CSI:NY: 9×13 – Nine Thirteen

Who stole Hawkes’ hair? Come on out and confess.

Jo/Hot Stalker. He was seriously hot. This was an okay storyline. It was better before we got to the ‘waking up from transplant surgery and seeing your sister’s face’ bit and then, even worse, when she asked to listen to his heart beat. A part of me wanted to throw up.  Still, as Jo storylines go, it was interesting and sweet.

EDNA again. Still waiting for someone to explain this thing to me!

The case was okay but nothing special. Not entirely sure why all the slow-motion was necessary when they arrested the perp at the bus terminal. And why would she make a shank in prison, smuggle it out and kill with it when she could have bought a knife as soon as she was out or make another shank on the outside?

Ah, Danny/Lindsay <3. This would have been so much better if I hadn’t known going in. However, from the very first Sid/Lindsay scene I would probably have started to have my suspicions.

Mac/Lindsay scene was hilarious! Mac made a bet with Christina?!?! Erm, not sure how I feel about that. It just doesn’t seem very Mac-like, especially before it was all out in the open.  What if Lindsay didn’t tell Danny the same day and somehow it all got back to Danny before she had a chance to tell him.

And the last scene! Hee. The Mac/Lindsay hug mirroring the time before. The look on Lindsay’s face “Was there a BET?!?!?!”. Anyway, I guess this sort of exorcises the demons from the first pregnancy a bit for me. This is how it should have always gone down, not the awfulness of the first time around.


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