Hawaii Five-0: 3×24 – Aloha. Malama Pono

Okay so the writers’ attitude when sitting down to write this episode: let’s throw everything at it. We had: – Car chase – Wrong accused / framed (Kono) – CIA – Bloody plane – Family loyalty – Random person from Catherine’s past – Child kidnapping – Wo Fat – Car chase 2.0 – Wrongly accused […]

Nashville: 1×21 – I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

A shadow has been cast over country music’s biggest night: Juliette discovers a letter from Jolene revealing her mother’s true feelings; Rayna and Deacon’s fairytale evening at the CMA Awards, even performing with Brad Paisley – who guest stars as himself — may not end in a happily-ever-after; and Gunnar will do whatever it takes […]

Criminal Minds: 8×24 – The Replicator

I know the fandom doesn’t like Strauss but I honestly never minded her and thought she was okay as a boss. The Hotch/Strauss scene Nice that Prentiss got a mention. Oooh the Replicator reveal. Well, I thought it was handled well. Although I’m sorry that Strauss had to die, it was nice character work bringing […]

Castle: 5×24 – Watershed

Blood coming out of a shower on an unsuspecting individual? WAIT THAT IS TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE. OH WAIT, YES CSI:NY DID IT. It was pretty memorable.Alex from Chuck!!!!!!!!!! Wish she had a bigger role.Love that we finally got a Beckett/Lanie scene.  We’ve only been waiting, like, 2 seasons for […]

Nikita: 3×22 – 'Til Death Us Do Part

This show, this show, THIS SHOW. It just does something to me. Maggie Q TVLine’s Performer of the Week. Seriously, she is always amazing but in this episode …. There are no words. The last fifteen minutes just absolutely killed it. And they played one of my favourite Mat Kearney songs over the key scenes, […]

NCIS: Los Angeles: 4×24 – Descent

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates* Holy crap you guys, I don’t know where to start. How about with Sam? I get the Sam/Deeks dynamic exists but I hated the way he treated Deeks in this episode. I get him feeling that way at the start when Deeks first joined but after working together for YEARS and Sam getting […]

Grey's Anatomy: 9×24 – Perfect Storm

Meredith/Derek/Baby – This was a pretty tame encounter for them! Of course Meredith’s pregnancy couldn’t go smoothly but as crises go, I liked how they played it with Meredith keeping calm and instructing Ross and then Bailey coming in to save the day. Nice way to get Bailey back on the horse. And naming the […]