Grey's Anatomy: 9×24 – Perfect Storm

Meredith/Derek/Baby – This was a pretty tame encounter for them! Of course Meredith’s pregnancy couldn’t go smoothly but as crises go, I liked how they played it with Meredith keeping calm and instructing Ross and then Bailey coming in to save the day. Nice way to get Bailey back on the horse. And naming the baby after her <3.

Cristina/Owen – This outcome was inevitable. They are never going to be able to overcome this hurdle. If Shonda truly believes they are endgame then I have no idea how she is going to get them to end up together.

Alex/Jo – I don’t ship them but I loved Alex’s conversation with Arizona in the closet where he talks about the crazy women in his life.

Jackson/April – Whilst I like Matthew, the Jackson/April scene was kind of raw and emotional. I generally find April all kinds of annoying but I thought her reaction was realistic and I enjoyed her letting loose on Jackson.  Just wish Matthew/April had more time before the “Inevitable” Jackson/April moment happened.

Arizona/Lauren/Callie – I HATE CHEATING but I have to admit the chemistry between Arizona and Lauren was really hot. I might have eventually got over the cheating but what I can’t get over is Arizona using the leg as an excuse yet again. I get in real life, it would be a huge deal for someone to get over but in TVLand, that excuse is getting old and has already been done to death at the start of the season to cause tension between Arizona and Callie. How can they possibly come back from this? Remember when Arizona was all kinds of perfect? CAN WE GO BACK TO THOSE TIMES NOW PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!

Richard ….. as soon as he found the maintenance guy in the basement, I knew the episode would end with him getting electrocuted so that definitely didn’t shock me.  Hope they don’t kill him off!

I liked it as a finale. It was obviously one of the tamer ones Grey’s-wise but I think it worked well and Meredith and the baby ended up fine which is the most important thing for me.  I am glad they didn’t try to replicate the scale of the hospital shooting.

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