Nikita: 3×22 – 'Til Death Us Do Part

This show, this show, THIS SHOW.

It just does something to me.

Maggie Q TVLine’s Performer of the Week. Seriously, she is always amazing but in this episode …. There are no words.

The last fifteen minutes just absolutely killed it.

And they played one of my favourite Mat Kearney songs over the key scenes, followed by Ellie Goulding’s ‘Hanging On’.

I have to say that I did NOT see the President killing herself as a solution to the “Nikita must kill the President” storyline. Wow. And then it got explained later which made sense. Clever work writers. Sort of wish they hadn’t revealed that until next season? But I guess when they wrote this episode, they didn’t know there would be a next season.
The scene where Nikita gets on the motorcycle and showers Michael in bullets and the way the others put two and two together to work out what was really going on with Nikita

Oh God the scene with everyone around his hospital bed trying to revive him and Nikita’s speech. And Alex’s tears and Birkoff and Sonya holding hands and Mat Kearney’s ‘All I Need’ playingThe sunset when they are all standing outside Division mirroring the end of last season! Love it! And Division being blown up once and for all! And Mat Kearney still playing…. The explosions timed with the climax of the song …

And then of course the adorable group scene where they all say they are going to help Nikita clear her name because they love her.

Oh GOD THE LAST SCENE!!!!! With Nikita driving away and the Ellie Goulding song playing and Michael finding her engagement ring. Holy crap, OF COURSE she would not want to put the people she loves through the ordeal of trying to clear her name. OF COURSE she had to do the noble thing. Oh the look on Nikita’s face just killed me. It is all so perfect in a bitter and twisted way. And there I was wondering how they could keep the Nikita/Michael relationship interesting without having you doubt the love between them ….  GAH!!!!!!

I love this interview with Craig Silverstein where he talks about next season and even mentions Sonya letting her hair down. Lol.  Because after all that was the key moment of this episode.

Although I actually think this could have worked as a series finale, I am so glad that they are going to get the chance to wrap things up and when they do I do NOT want one of these bittersweet endings. I want Amanda sorted for good, Owen to stop being Sam-like and everyone to live happily ever after.

Conclusion: Everyone needs to spend the summer hiatus watching this show. The End.


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