Castle: 5×24 – Watershed

Blood coming out of a shower on an unsuspecting individual? WAIT THAT IS TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE.
OH WAIT, YES CSI:NY DID IT. It was pretty memorable.Alex from Chuck!!!!!!!!!! Wish she had a bigger role.Love that we finally got a Beckett/Lanie scene.  We’ve only been waiting, like, 2 seasons for one.ERM, CASTLE YOU WRITE BOOKS FOR A LIVING, YOU COULD WRITE BOOKS IN DC, WHY DOES BECKETT GETTING THIS JOB MEAN YOU WOULD NEVER SEE HER AGAIN?!?! Someone please slap him for me. I mean god Alexis is in University now and although it would be hard for Castle to leave her in New York, how comes he didn’t even CONSIDER moving the DC with Beckett?!?!

Martha talking some sense! Yay Beckett’s Dad.

The case was nothing special, interesting enough but not wow-worthy for a finale.

A proposal? Can anyone say guilt trip? She will be staying for all the wrong reasons. Why didn’t the proposal come with a “I know this is an amazing opportunity for you and I will follow you wherever you go?”. THAT would make sense. Now he’s asking her to marry him for all the wrong selfish reasons.  I am done.

I reckon she will take the job and go and then circumstances dictate that she ends up back at the 12th Precinct and there will be lots of angst between her and Castle because she rejected his proposal and left and then they have to work together again etc. etc.

Okay, I have been thinking about it for a couple of seasons but this is the season I finally let go of this show. Castle in this episode made the decision easier.

PS. I just realised that the song I am listening to (and the only song I truly love from Texas’ new album) has some appropriate lyrics for this episode:

Waking up is never easy
So why don’t you come over here
Tell me ’bout the dreams that haunt you
Tell me ’bout your secret fears
I wanna change your obsession
If only I could make you see
How it’s all your own creation
That’s bringing you this misery
How they’re hurting you
When they’re not deserving you
Are so, are so afraid of you
It’s time to have a conversationGive it up,
I’m never gonna hold you up
You’ve always been afraid of love
It’s time to have a conversation

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