Criminal Minds: 8×24 – The Replicator

I know the fandom doesn’t like Strauss but I honestly never minded her and thought she was okay as a boss. The Hotch/Strauss scene Nice that Prentiss got a mention.

Oooh the Replicator reveal. Well, I thought it was handled well. Although I’m sorry that Strauss had to die, it was nice character work bringing her children and her alcoholism and Rossi into it. And Rossi turning psycho on Morgan was infinitely scary. I kind of think it lost me when he started taking control of the helicopter though.

Linking the Replicator with Blake’s past …. Well, it obviously explains the Strauss/Blake hostility at the start of the season and develops Blake’s background …. But I was kind of hoping for ….. something different? I don’t know, maybe because this gives him twisted justification for doing this and I was hoping he was just a crazy psycho?

It was scary when the door shut, trapping the team in the room with a bomb about to go off, but I kind of think the Rossi rescue happened too quickly? Why not show us the team panicking about?? Obviously it was a decoy to the real tension of having Rossi/Replicator stuck in the room but there was just something gripping about having nearly everyone locked in, I kind of wish they played with that a bit more. And then Rossi managed to get out super quickly as well – why not increase the tension there a bit??

Okay, a SCARY amount of Criminal Minds episodes have the team at a funeral.

Lovely team moment at the end. Kind of bittersweet for JJ using her wedding venue? Mixed memories!
Overall a good episode but the second half could have been executed better?


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