Hawaii Five-0: 3×24 – Aloha. Malama Pono

Okay so the writers’ attitude when sitting down to write this episode: let’s throw everything at it.

We had:

– Car chase
– Wrong accused / framed (Kono)
– Bloody plane
– Family loyalty
– Random person from Catherine’s past
– Child kidnapping
– Wo Fat
– Car chase 2.0
– Wrongly accused / framed (boy’s father)
– Steve’s mother lying to him AGAIN
– Brother killing brother (Adam/Michael – possibly mirroring Steve/Wo Fat ????)
– Adam having to go on the run although he didn’t do anything wrong
– Kono’s return to the team up in the air (seriously right, every finale?!?!?!)
– Tearful  team goodbye
– Catherine/Kono hug
– Chin getting a ‘new’ love interest
– Returning love for Danny

Ever since Doris let Wo Fat go after their fight, I was sure that he was her son. AND THIS EPISODE just reinforces this? I mean it would be typical TV – two enemies that are actually brothers …..

I love Adam and Kono. Ian Anthony Dale is so ridiculously hot. I love that after everything, their love is still in tact but why does ‘happily ever after’ remove them both from my screen (at least for the time being)?!?! Not fair.

I am all for more Catherine screentime but I don’t understand why they felt the need to insert that scene with her ex-boyfriend in the middle of an already packed finale. Couldn’t whatever storyline they are setting up wait until next season?

I just can’t buy Gabby/Danny. I just don’t think there were enough episodes with her in it and us seeing their relationship to buy their relationship has lasted this long offscreen

And yet again another season ends with Kono’s place on the 5-0 team up in the air. Why is it always her?

Okay, so technically the season ended with Steve’s fate on this earth up in the air ……the cliffhanger ….. there’s always cliffhanger. I still think Wo Fat is Steve’s half-brother. Clearly somehow Steve and Wo Fat are going to get out of there…. (Steve at least.  Perhaps Wo Fat will get hurt and with his dying breath call Steve ‘brother’ …..) Realistically, I am not entirely sure how and I am super scared about who is coming after them but I trust that it will all work out and create another season-long arc for next season.
Overall, I’ve really liked this season and the finally just about did it justice. It didn’t blow my mind and I think they tried to do too much.


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