Rewatch: The Newsroom Season 1

I rewatched The Newsroom so have some completely random exclamations of love.

I have got to say how perfect the Pilot is. The first scene between Mac and Jim when she is trying to orchestrate him flirting with Maggie …… the whole handling of the BP oil spill …. The instrumental score …… the end scene between Will/Mac by the elevators …. God, so much love.
Oh god the Sloan/Mac conversation in episode 2 – absolutely brilliant. Love it when Mac is trying to convince her that Will did not cheat on her and is loveable. Oh and the mass emails ❤ <3.The end of episode 4 with ‘Fix You’ playing = one of my all time favourite TV scenes.The end of episode 5 with the Will/Mac hug …….!!!The engagement ring!!!!! That whole arc is so deliciously twisty and whilst I don’t appreciate Will messing with Mac’s mind like that … HE KEPT THE RING!I love every single Sloan/Mac scene. “I have wisdom.”

The Osama Bin Laden episode and the scene on the plane where Don tells the pilots? Makes me cry every time. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW. HOW DID I NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS WHEN I WATCHED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND?!?!?! MOST AMAZING SCENE FROM TV LAST SEASON!!!!!

Mac’s LOSING IT scene. Hilarious. God I love Mac.

Oh the finale …. MAC IS AWESOME. Hitting Will with the magazine, hitting Jim with the pillow.  “Do you want to end up like me and him, wasting time and now he’s practically dead.”

I love this show so so much. I think the only episode which isn’t near-perfection for me is episode 3.

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