Rewatch: The West Wing Season 2

2×01 – The President has been hit!  Gina

2×07 – I love Airforce One episodes!  CJ mocking Notredam and having to wear the hat!  Everyone looking out for Leo

2×08 – The turkeys!  CJ and the turkeys!  CJ AND THE TURKEYS!!!
C.J.: They sent me two turkeys. The most photo-friendly of the two gets a Presidential pardon and a full life at a children’s zoo. The runner-up gets eaten.  Bartlet: If the Oscars were like that, I’d watch. The President and his carving knife.  Leo’s sister!  Love the way they handled the Chinese immigrants arc.  The President giving Charlie his carving knife.  The President fake-pardoning the turkey.

2×11 – Josh and Sam building a fire in the fireplace!  CJ forgot the President in the epic seating plan.  Moving the Press room.  The whole Karen Cahill thing.  Sam and his Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan mix-up.  Toby got screwed.  Donna’s underwear.  Charlie telling the President about Donna’s underwear.  Toby and Leo discussing re-election.

2×13 – CJ isn’t wearing any trousers!  Nor is Ainsley and she is dancing in a dressing gown when the President walks in.  Abby

2×17 – Stackhouse Filabuster!  Loved the way the episode worked with CJ, Sam and Josh’s voiceovers all writing emails to their families and telling Stackhouse’s story.  Hoynes is making his move.  The hilarious Leo/President candlelit dinner moment.

2×18 – Toby is on a MISSION to find out the President’s secret.  Donna/Josh/anniversary.  Ainsley still actually exists!  The President comes clean to Toby.  Josh and Sam trying to make a speech funny.

2×20 – I always wish that we get to see the moment that Josh, Sam and CJ get told the ~news~.  Babish/CJ.  I love that Abby/President scene.  I love that Joey Lucas/Josh scene in the airport.  I also love that Abby/CJ scene in CJ’s Office.  Donna and the Chinese satellite falling to earth.

2×22 – FAVOURITE EPISODE.  DIRE STRAITS.  That’s all I need to say.


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