Fleetwood Mac @ The O2, London (27 September 2013)

Fleetwood Mac 2013

I know it’s going to come as no surprise to anyone but HOLY CRAP FLEETWOOD MAC BLEW ME AWAY UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY.

No concert will ever ever ever come close in my lifetime. I can’t even begin to describe it.

Every time they came on stage, Lindsey and Stevie came on holding hands, they hugged, Stevie told wonderful stories, dedicated ‘Landslide’ to Christine (!!!!), AND CHRISTINE PLAYED ‘DON’T STOP’ WITH THEM!

What other band, not to mention a band of their age, plays a 23 song set an plays non-stop for almost 3 hours?!?!?!?!

‘The Chain’ – God just hearing this live with the whole arena singing along

‘Dreams’ – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Sad Angel’ – This is my favourite of the new songs and Lindsey had an awesome guitar solo

‘Rhiannon’ – I’ve always liked this song but I have become OBSESSED with it lately. Hearing this live was a dream come true.


‘Big Love’ – Acoustic version with Lindsey killing it on guitar. Wow.

‘Landslide’ – Stevie dedicated this to Christine McVie who she called her ‘big sister’ and mentor and loads of other nice things. So so SWEET! LOVE THIS SONG. I bought a T-shirt with the lyrics to this on it.

‘Without You’ – Stevie told a very long story about this song and how she wrote it prior to Fleetwood Mac when Buckingham Nicks was still a thing. They sang it to each other <3.

‘Gold Dust Woman’ – Awesome drum solo! This was really long with lots of solos, including Mick on drums.

‘Stand Back’ – Love that they did a Stevie solo song. Would have loved to hear ‘Edge of Seventeen’ but they rocked this one. Wanted to get up and dance.

‘Go You Own Way’ – Absolutely incredible hearing this played live in an arena with everyone singing along.

‘Don’t Stop’ – Even though I was pretty sure it was coming, I almost hyperventilated when Mick announced Christine McVie. She came on with Stevie and she hugged Lindsey and rocked it on keyboard. Absolutely amazing seeing the classic line-up of Fleetwood Mac all together again, I never thought it would happen again in my lifetime. And she was wearing red shoes like Mick!!!

‘Silver Springs’ – an oft forgotten gem.

‘Say Goodbye’ – Lindsey spoke about how when he wrote this, he was writing it about him and Stevie and how they could both finally move on from the illusions of them. They sang it to each other and were generally adorable.

At the very very end, after all the encores and the excitement, Stevie and Mick stayed on the stage. Stevie called her fans ‘dreamcatchers’ and said that we are all extraordinary and that we should go home, write that on a piece of paper and never forget it. It was ridiculously sweet. She was so earnest.

Mick was his crazy self and thanked everyone for their support etc. They had just played the most amazing concert ever and were so so humble about it.

I was sitting high up and only have a small compact camera but I got a few nice photos. You can see the whole set here.


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