Soundtrack to my 2012

{26 Albums}
All albums must be released in 2012 to make the list

1. Train – California 37

2012 was a good year for music but there’s no doubt in my mind that if I had to pick just one album for the top spot, it would have to be Train’s latest offering. I didn’t think they could possibly top ‘Save Me San Francisco’ and yet here we are ….The songs are catchy as hell.  I think this album will also top my Last.FM stats for the most played album this year as well.  We’ll have to wait until the 1st January 2013 to find out….
Favourite songs: Mermaid, Drive By, This’ll Be My Year, Bruises, To Be Loved

2. Matchbox Twenty – North


What a stunning comeback album! I love everything about it, especially how they have matured whilst keeping their signature sound.

Favourite songs: Parade, How Long, Put Your Hands Up, English Town

3. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away


Seeing Carrie live was one of the highlights of the year. This album is stellar. She has such an amazing voice.

Favourite songs: Good Girl, See You Again, Thank God For Hometowns, Blown Away

4. Taylor Swift – Red


I’m not going to lie, this album was a grower rather than an ‘instant love’. She has nearly dispensed with the country element all together but hey, I still love her even if she is dating a member of OneDirection. UGH UGH UGH.

Favourite songs: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, Starlight, Red, Girl At Home, The Moment I Knew

5. The Killers – Battle Born


I feel like that this album is a lot mellower than their previous albums – in a good way. The harmonies in this are just beautiful <3. I am sure there are a lot of fans missing the heavier ‘Rarrr’ of their first album and whilst I love their other albums too, this is probably the one that will get played the most.


Favourite songs: Be Still, Deadlines and Commitments, Carry Me Home, Runaways

6. Boys Like Girls – Crazy World


I can’t get over how perfect this debut album is. It’s pop/rock/alternative rock at its best.

Favourite songs: Stuck In The Middle, Be Your Everything, Cheated, Shoot, Red Cup Hands Up Long Brown Hair, Crazy World

7. Green River Ordinance – Under Fire


There are quite a few tracks on this album (more than usual) and I like every single one. If you like alternative rock bands / other albums on this list then I definitely recommend you check these guys out. This is the album that Lifehouse should have made.

Favourite songs: Heart Of Me, Resting Hour, Healing Touch, Don’t Be Afraid

8. Safetysuit – These Times


After severely overplaying their debut album, I was so glad when they released this album.

Favourite songs: One Time, Staring At It, Let Go, Get Around This, Life In the Pain

9. Jack Savoretti – Before The Storm


After Tyrone Wells, Jack Savoretti would definitely top my list for favourite underrated artist. Jack Savoretti is amazing. The end. This album just helps to prove his awesomeness.

Favourite songs: Vagabond, Last Call, Before The Storm

10 + 11. Tyrone Wells – Where We Meet + Beautiful World EP + This Love


You know 2012 has been a good year for music when my favourite underrated artist releases 2 albums + an EP in one year! He still has a beautiful voice and even if his latest offerings aren’t as catchy as his previous albums. I still recommend you check them out.

Favourite songs: Give It Time, Freedom, Don’t Be Afraid, Satellite

12. Florida Georgia Line – Here’s To The Good Times


Perfect country album! You can just imagine listening to this with the windows rolled down, driving in the summer. A lot of the songs are definitely going on my 2013 Summer mix. If you’re looking for some upbeat country music, I can’t recommend this album enough. I’m so glad I stumbled on it.

Favourite songs: Tell Me How You Like It, Cruise, Stay, Here’s To The Good Times

13. Dave Barnes – Stories To Tell


Gah I love every song on this album! He nails the pop/rock sound on this album, especially on the songs mentioned below.

Favourite songs: How Long, White Flag, Seventeen

14. Lifehouse – Almeria


On first listen, I was disappointed with this offering but I think it just needs time to grow on you and since it’s only a couple of weeks old, there’s plenty of time for that to happen.

Favourite songs: Between the Raindrops, Right Back Home, Only You’re The One, Gotta Be Tonight

15. Alex Band – After The Storm EP


I can’t wait until he releases another full length album.

Favourite songs: Shape Of Your Heart, Right Now, Get Up

16. Milo Greene – Milo Greene


They have been compared to Fleetwood Mac. Need I say more?

Favourite songs: 1957, Don’t You Give Up On Me, Perfectly Aligned, What’s The Matter

17. Scouting For Girls – The Light Between Us


Apart from ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’, I couldn’t really get into Scouting For Girls prior to this album but something just clicked and I fell in love with their latest album.

Favourite songs: Six Degrees, Make This One Last, Without You, Downtempo

18. Jason Mraz – Love Is A Four Letter Work


I didn’t get into Jason Mraz until this album but this album is great.

Favourite songs: I Won’t Give Up, The Freedom Song, Everything Is Sound

19. South Jordan – Keep Calm and Carry On

Another pop/rock band that I discovered just in time for their release of their first full length album. I hope they get the success they deserve.

Favourite songs: Forever, Forget About The World, Hush

20. The Fray – Scars & Stories


I think the only reason this album is so far down on the list is because it was released in January and familiarity breeds contempt and all that. Otherwise, it’s a solid album.

Favourite songs: Turn Me On, Rainy Zurich

21. Joshua Radin – Underwater


He has such a beautiful voice and pretty lyrics

Favourite songs: Tomorrow Is Gonna Get Better, The Willow, Lost At Home, One More

22. Leona Lewis – Glassheart


This album was meant to have been released in November 2011 so for an album that has been in post-production for a year, you’d expect it to be all sparkling with amazingsauce. Well, I really like Leona but unfortunately she has bowed under pressure with the need to change her sound to be ‘cool’ and hardly any of the songs on this album get to showcase her stunning voice. Bring back the Leona of ‘Spirit’ and ‘Echo’.

Favourite songs: Trouble

23. The Script – #3


There are a lot of mediocre songs on here and whilst I actually like every song on the album, there are hardly any that stand out and grab you.

Favourite songs: Hall of Fame

24. Maroon 5 – Overexposed


I like Maroon 5 but I’ve never been a huge fan. Their albums seem to get more and more upbeat as time goes on. Got to be honest – if I over-listen to them, Adam Levine’s voice kind of gets annoying.

Favourite songs: The Man Who Never Lied, Payphone, Doin Dirt

25. Daniel Powter – Turn On The Lights


It’s not an album I could ever love or get hooked on but it’s a fairly decent offering.

Favourite songs: Crazy, Cupid


Howard Shore – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Score




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