About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

About Last NightHere’s some advice to fellow Brits: avoid this like the plague!

Yes, we all totally talk about our “Grandsires”. I am sorry but if the Queen doesn’t even use an old-dated term, it is a sure sign that that word was retired ages ago.

There was some nonsense about Greenwich being out in the suburbs and therefore not too busy during rush hour …. Dear God, IF ONLY.

Prawn crisps?!?! Prawn cocktail crisps, yes and yes there is a difference.

And yes we have heard of Oreos and they are readily available (which thankfully Nev proved by buying some in Sainsburys).

I just about lost it when Winston, the very British older brother talked about “mother cutting you off without a cent”.

Even if we ignore the idiosyncrasies, the plot didn’t speak to me and if I wanted to read about an old-fashioned, wealthy English family living in a country house with outdated principles I would read historical romances (which I don’t). And then there was the part where Nev painted Cath’s tragic life-story and displayed it for the whole world to see and Cath found it charming and fell into his arms instead of finding this a horrific betrayal and invasion of her privacy …..

Book: 1*

Cover: 3*


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