Heaven, Texas by @SEPauthor

Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars, #2)I have ISSUES with this book, several but the main ones are:

1. Bobby Tom making sure that Gracie has a makeover so people will actually believe that he would find her attractive. SERIOUSLY?!?! Don’t get me wrong ‘ugly duckling -> beautiful swan’ is at the centre of many a romance and romcom but I don’t think it has ever been stated so bluntly and arrogantly by the main guy.

2. Bobby Tom saying that he had better sleep with Gracie otherwise, poor thing, she may never find anyone else to sleep with. RAGE.

3. The horrendously nasty things Bobby Tom erupts with on stage when Gracie turns down his marriage proposal. Who cares if he feels humiliated?! I can understand him feeling anger but to actually say those things?! And then a day later Gracie forgives him and they live happily ever after ….. I had lost respect for both of them at this point.

The rating should be lower, a lot lower but as much as I hated aspects of the main characters’ character, the writing was still really good and held my interest. Plus, I was oddly intrigued by the secondary romance between Suzy and Shaw. Even though that at times enraged my feminist principles as well, it turned out that ironically Shaw was a much nicer guy than Bobby Tom.

Book: 3*

Cover: 3*


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