Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang

Last Groom Standing (The Wedding Season, #4)Received this book courtesy of a Goodreads Giveaway


It is unusual to stumble across a contemporary romance series which is perfect in every way, even rarer to find such a perfect series in which each book is written by a different author but by jove I’ve found one.

This series, for me, was the definition of perfect in every way, there was a great mix of characters and whilst the focus of each book was of course on the Hero and Heroine and their romance, there was also a large part of each book dedicated to the friendship between the 4 girls, both in present time and in flashback to when they were at uni. I loved how their friendship helped shape them and was entwined with who they ended up finding their HEA.

The ‘Last Groom Standing’ was a great end to the series. With the other 3.5 books in the series, the attraction between the guy and the gal has been instantaneous but what made this book interesting was the fact that on the face of it Marnia and Dylan, whilst attracted to each other, were not compatible and didn’t immediately fall headlong into love. *spoiler alert* Of course by the end they overcome their differences and get their HEA.

It was bittersweet to finish this book – I had been looking forward to this book for so long but now am sad there are no books to look forward to in this series.

Book: 5*

Cover: 3*


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