Made of Stars by Kelley York

Made of StarsReceived an ARC thanks to Entangled Publishing

This book is unlike anything else I have ever read – in a good way! On the outset the plot is simple: it is about two half siblings, Hunter and Ashlin, and their friendship with a larger than life boy Chance. In reality it is much more than that, exploring the complex relationship between the three main characters and the secrets they keep. Throw in a murder and what you’ve got is a novel that is impossible to put down.

Most of the story is told in 1st Person POV alternating from Ashlin to Hunter. I am not generally a fan of the 1st Person POV but when it’s done well, it really works and in this case it makes the story even more interesting for the reader.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot but needless to say Kelley York creates an interesting dynamic between the characters and you won’t want to stop reading.

Book: 4*

Cover: 5*


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