Montana Sky by Nora Roberts

Montana SkyThank the heavens for another stormer of a novel from Nora Roberts with none of those pesky supernatural, paranormal happenings. This is a straight forward awesome romance with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep the stakes high of course.

I loved the setting. I have always wanted to go to Montana and stay on a ranch but I figure I would be a mix of Tess and Lily once I’m there. Anyway, beautiful, gorgeous setting.

And the three sisters! Awesome characterisation and you fall in love with all three of them. Probably the best story based around sisters who don’t know each other but are forced together by circumstances.

And the romances! Gah! Adam/Lily – so freaking sweet! Ben/Will – loved their banter. Nate/Tess – the least interesting romance but also very loveable.

I could actually have done without the ~drama~ but I guess it kept the plot flowing.

Book: 5*

Cover: 3*


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