Sweet Spot by Kate Angell

Sweet Spot (Richmond Rogues, #5)1.5*

I have so many issues with this book starting with Law’s obsession with the Wonder Woman and Cat at the same time and how one minute he was obsessed with finding WW and then the next he decided to settle for Cat. I could just about accept this but the Brody/Mary’s storyline? I am disgusted!!!! This is surely one of the worst written romance storylines ever? I mean I get that romance books aren’t meant to reinvent the wheel and they all follow one of 5 set story arcs and the characters all come from the same mould but Brody/Mary? He proposes to her, leaves the small town for a career in baseball, cheats on her and when they come face-to-face again dismisses her by telling her the engagement is off as she is too small town for him. But oh no, he is still attracted to her and wants to have her, especially when he finds out she hasn’t been with anyone else. She decides she’s had enough of his crap and leaves and then a minor car crash makes Brody realise that he can’t live without her, he chases after her and she takes him back and they live happily ever after. WTF? Argh. Thankfully this was the last book in the series.

Book #2 is definitely the best one in the series.

Book: 1.5*

Cover: 4*


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